Nothing captures the power and style of an athlete more than their sneakers. The right pair calls to mind the greats, from Michael Jordan to everyone who came after. 

But with thousands of sneakers out there and plenty of heavy price tags, taking your first steps into the sneakerhead world can prove intimidating. 

Our tips for starting a sneaker collection will give you all the tricks you need.

Start Simple 

It’s tempting to go after a $300 pair of OG Air Jordans right out of the gate, but try to set your sights a little lower at first. Building a collection is like running a marathon, and your budget is your energy. 

You wouldn’t use all your energy in the first hundred meters of a marathon, so why blow your budget on your first pair of shoes? 

Look for a few pairs for different occasions, and then work your way up to the showstoppers.

Get What You Like

With any hobby that involves clothes, it’s easy to get caught up in appearances. But the best advice for starting a sneaker collection is to buy shoes you actually like. 

There’s no sneakerhead police running around to tell you what you have to have in your collection for it to be “legit.”  You don’t have to get something because it’s iconic or trendy. 

If you like the pair, get it. If you don’t, save your money. 

Think Practical

Unless you plan to display your shoes on shelves without wearing them, don’t focus exclusively on looks when picking out a pair. Make sure that you actually like the way the shoes feel on your feet. 

Keep in mind how you’ll use them. If you’re just wearing them out with your friends, that’s one thing. But if you’re wearing them to shoot hoops, you’ll need more support.

Look Out for Phonies

Sneakers are one of the biggest targets for bootleggers, so you must know how to spot phony fashion items

Be wary of shoe deals that seem too good to be true, and make sure the shoes feel like they’re made well. When in doubt, have your sneakers examined by a professional through services like CheckCheck.


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