The batting average is an important measurement of a baseball player’s ability. In baseball, the batting average is calculated by dividing the number of hits by the total at-bats. 

Batters need to learn to make contact with the ball because only a ball put into play can win the game. As with all sports, some ability is learned, and in others, it is inherent. But all players can improve. 

Here are some ways to increase your batting average by focusing on the very fundamentals of the game.

Selecting the Baseball Bat

Players need a good bat. A good bat is of a size and weight that enables the batter to feel comfortable swinging. With batts, one size does not fit all. 

A baseball bat specifically designed for fast pitch, slow pitch, or training is desired. Some are constructed from wood and others aluminum. 

Some bats are certified for certain leagues and associations. All players need to select a bat according to their weight and measurements.

When selecting a bat, you’ll need to know a few terms such as the length, drop, and types of construction. The length of the bat depends on your height and weight. The drop of the bat refers to the length minus the weight. 

There are one- and two-piece constructed bats. One-piece bats are stiffer. Also, there are balanced and end-loaded bats. The weight in the balanced bats is evenly distributed throughout the entire length and makes for faster sewing. 

Selecting the right bat for your size and situation will help increase your batting average.

Study Pitching & Practice Hitting Different Balls

No matter the bat, if you want to raise your batting average, you’ll be practicing–a lot. A good batter needs to practice hitting fastballs, curveballs, and sliders. 

You may never get any good at hitting a curveball, but you need to know what it is, and you need to get comfortable knowing what not to swing at. Pitchers love the fastpitch as an easy way to get a strike or a foul. You'll be a better hitter if you learn how to hit the fastball.

When warming up, before the game, spend time watching the pitchers. Focus on the speed of the pitch, the rhythm, and try to anticipate what type of pitch the pitcher will throw. 

If you watch enough pitching, you should recognize when the pitcher is readying to throw a curveball or slider. To become a better hitter, study the pitchers.

Batters' Mindset

When you step up to the batter’s box, be ready. Be warmed up and ready to take that first hit. If the first hit is one you could have hit, yet you weren’t ready, you’ll mentally sting from the strike. That can affect the rest of your swings.

Practice lesser-known methods such as drag and push bunts. When walking up to the batter’s box, casually pay attention to the field. Notice if the third baseman is playing deep or not paying attention. 

If so, consider the drag bunt and make them work. The more skills you have, the more versatile and better player you will be.

Batters need the right mindset to be confident. Know that you’ve trained hard and that your training will show whether or not you win the game.  

Be prepared to make adjustments. Replacement pitchers and shifting weather may cause you to make adjustments in your stance and your technique. Be prepared.

Being in Shape

Whether hitting the ball, racing into the home plate, or stretching to reach that fly ball, the best baseball players are in great athletic shape. 

To increase your batting average, work on your arms, shoulders, and legs. All those muscles are involved in a strong hit. Provide your body with quality food, vitamins, and supplements. 

You’ll need sharp focus to become a better hitter.


There is no easy path to increasing your skill, though you can if you focus on the fundamentals and spend the time practicing. 

Remember, it takes years to become an overnight success.


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