Drake released his much anticipated sixth studio album, "Certified Lover Boy," very early on Friday, and fans (and haters) are already soaking it in. 

From the meme-able cover at, to the features, Kanye West subliminal disses, and the impressive hits, CLB has a lot to offer. 

In case you missed some of the lines, we got you covered song-by-song. So without further ado, let's take a look at the best lines and lyrics from Drake's "Certified Lover Boy." 

Champagne Poetry

"Nothing else bigger than the OVO letterman boys
Cashmere knits for the nighttime boat rides
Oli got the first еdition parked up roadside"

"Lived so much for others don't remember how I feel
Friends that hide places and friends that I hide still
Still managed to moonwalk straight through a minefield"

"Champagne poetry, these are the effortless flows
Supposedly something else is controlling me
Under a picture lives some of the greatest quotes from me
Under me I see all the people that claim they over me
And above me I see nobody"

"Trust in my brothers is as strong as I know it should be
Future sign the contracts, he don't even show it to me"

"The city's on fire and people are in denial
Charges being laid, but we'll see what they do with trial
I'm calling this shit from now
Sweetheart deals that the judges been handing down
I haven't been able to see family for a while"

"And if money's all I need in my grave, then bury me now
I know I tend to talk about how I got a fortune on me
But with that comes the politics the city been forcing on me
Man, I can't even RIP and show my remorse to the homie
Know I carry the guilt of the city's misfortune on me
I even got the cleanin' staff plotting extortion on me"

"My soulmate is somewhere out in the world just waiting on me"

"I'm bigger now than before
Co-parent of the year, we figured out a rapport
No fair what Drizzy made on the second leg of the tour"

"How the fuck do we manage to win everything but awards?
Windows of opportunity let me go through the doors
This the part where I don't ever say "Pardon me" anymore
This the part where I'ma find a new part of me to explore
This the part where all my partners know what we in it for
This the part where we gon' throw us a party after the war
And if the last negotiation had you feeling out of pocket
Well this is perfect time that I empty them shits for sure"

Papi's Home (ft. Nicki Minaj)

"Niggas know they need to stop
I'm standing at the top, that's how I know you never seen the top
Sierra Canyon parking lot lookin' like Magic City parking lot
Hear the talks when I walk by like you know it's over when we drop"

"Ayy, this is not luck, baby, this no four-leaf, no horseshoe
I'm in the bank thinkin', 'Poor you'"

"Supermodels and they all sexy
Lock the door to the bathroom 'cause they doin' something that is not Pepsi"

"City coming off a lockdown
Rap niggas doing weak features for a pop artist 'cause they popped down
Used to wanna throw the Roc up, niggas know how I rock now"

Girls Want Girls (ft. Lil Baby)

"Starin' at your dress 'cause it's see-through
Yeah, talkin' all the shit that you done been through
Yeah, say that you a lesbian, girl, me too"

"Sorry to all my fans that might've caught me on a crazy day
Fuck you niggas thinkin' tryna block me on a fadeaway?
I've been on that shit, I only vibе with a payday"

"Niggas told you that they love you, but they fell through
So you shotting '42 'cause you
Ayy, and you throwin' on that dress 'cause it's see-through
Yeah, talkin' all the shit that you done been through
Yeah, textin' me and say, 'I need to see you'"

"My girl got a girlfriend
Ain't tryna be out of shape, well, stay up on them curls then
If gym don't work, get surgery
I'll pay for that, my courtesy
Can't imagine no bitch curvin' me"

"I handle business
And I got two pretty bitches, keep 'em both on fleek
They got matching Benz and matching APs
Now they can really call each other twins"

"Yeah, don't nobody know the shit that we do
She like eating pussy, I'm like, "Me too"
I can't wait to get off work to go and see you
Please bring your girlfriend along with you"

In the Bible (ft. Lil Durk & Giveon)

"Told the girls to meet at Tao
Now y'all doin' shots, now them bitches got you fired up"

"Think I'm Tiger Woods, the way I'm teed off thе 17
And you know pockets on whatever, jеans forever green"

"She hittin' up Virgil for Louis Vuitton
It's not in the Bible to wife off one girl
I'm Muslim, I go by Quran"

"The way I be smilin' and holdin' my gun
She think I be mimickin' Von, Grandson"

"India Royale cosmetic, I'm just promotin' my bitch
Drake song do a billion streams for sure, I'm just promotin' her shit"

"Lean voice, I'm raspy with it
I did my dance one time on TikTok and went viral with it"

Love All (ft. JAY Z)

"Never had a lot, this is all I need
People never care 'til it's R.I.P. 
Niggas turned they back on me for no good reason
Loyalty is priceless and it's all I need"

"Lotta '42 on the flights I'm takin'
Pourin' out my soul and it might sound crazy"

"Grab the top spot like 'pardon my reach'"

"Long way down from the heights I'm chasin'
Just touched down, I was lights out in Vegas"

"Girls checkin' in 'cause my lifestyle dangerous
Hard to tell people that I'm all out of favors
Call me for songs or they call me for paper
Turnin' off my phone for the night now, baby"

"Niggas wanted to kill me and y'all still with 'em
Nigga, y'all chill with 'em, and y'all wonder why we not friends?"

"Best thing I can do is not build with you
When I could destroy you, that takes some fuckin' discipline
I could send a team to come drill you"

"Niggas gotta chill with talking gangsta
You should just thank us, humble yourselves a little bit"

"This ain't the same Shawn that you knew once
I don't shine shoes, uh, this ain't what you want, no
All that back and forth on the internet
Nigga, we don't tennis that, y'all gotta do something, yeah"

"Only thing we 'spect now is violence
Anything besides this, we playing violins"

"Everybody want something
You know the price of everything but the value of nothing"

Fair Trade (ft. Travis Scott)

"Feelin' young but they treat me like the OG"

"Said he put some money on my head, I guess we gon' see
I won't put no money on his head, my niggas owe me"

"Uno, dos, tres, in a race, they can't hold me
And I show my face in a case so you know it's me"

"And the dirt that they threw on my name
Turned to soil and I grew up out it"

"I've been losin' friends and findin' peace
But honestly that sound like a fair trade to me"

"I don't know who love me, but I know that it ain't everybody
I can never love her, she a busy body"

"Baby, if you want me, can't be turnin' up with everybody, nah
Can't be fuckin' on just anybody, yeah
I got feelings for you, that's the thing about it, yeah
You know that it's somethin' when I sing about it, yeah"

"Mama used to be on disability but gave me this ability
And now she walkin' with her head high and her back straight"

"Bein' everything they said I wouldn't be and couldn't be
I don't know what happened to them guys that said they would be
I said see you at the top and they misunderstood me"

"Rollin' in a Rolls and ain't no safety
Ridin', engine revvin'
Gotta roll over to you, gotta get my release
Spread your legs downtown, as I'm goin' out to eat"

"Worry, sick, I'm sick of worryin' (Sick, sick)
It's just a worryin', I'd rather bury them
I'm talkin' fake friends and skeletons (Yeah)"

"Early mornin', show the ropes to lawyers, I done sell a bean (It's lit)
I'm never settlin', this shit get darker than my melanin (Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh)"

"At the crib all by myself, this shit be cavin' in
Scrollin' through my call log, by emojis, how I'm savin' 'em
Del Mar as the beach where my hoe was but I favorite them
That butterfly emoji hold me down and all my babies them (Yeah)"

"I broke bread instead of watchin' niggas break down (Break it)
They sent a couple bitches through, like I'm from Cape Town
Know their position, you know ass up with the face down (Let's go)"

"I'm never content, two mil' a event, I get it frequent"

"I'm droppin' the top, no tint for the whip
I'm droppin' the top, this bitch tryna spend
She droppin' the top, she back again
Fuck her 'cause she at the crib again, company (Yeah, yeah)"

Way 2 Sexy (ft. Future & Young Thug)

"And I'm way too sexy to go unprotected (Way too sexy)
And she popped a Tesla, now she goin' electric"

"Think we got too sexy for that metro housin' (Way too sexy)
Diamond popped out, almost swallowed sixty thousand (Sixty piece)
Section need more tings in here, I like it crowded"

"Oh, you like the boy? Well, tell me what you like about him
You a turnt up little thotty, ain't no wife about it
I'ma fuck her friends and send her back to Metro housin'"

"I pop out, get ghost on a bitch, she don't know where I went"

"Drippin' in it, I be spillin' in it, new designer gear bicoastal
Pay attention to the detail, goin' two-tone on a choker"

"Young niggas always ready to murk somethin', call them some smokers"

"Did a 360 windmill when I left the scene
That's that action, her best work on her knees"

"Too sexy to count (Ah), fetty (Oh)
My neck baguetty (Hoo)
Red diamonds, spaghetti (Oh)"

"No penny pinch, I spend it (Spend)
Bags in and out (Let's get bags)
My man ain't gon' steal it (On God)"

"All-green gators, they look like a switch
Giorgio, I spent twenty-six licks ('Mani)"


"She moved out of state and shit done went left, she's seekin' forgiveness
She used to dance, but she want a loan to start up a business"

"Her daddy is not around, her mama is not around
I watch her climb to the top of the pole and then get to slidin' down"

"I make it rain in this bitch, I make it snow in this bitch
She tryna get out of the mix, shawty is goin' legit
Shawty is goin' legit, me, I'm supportin' this shit
This is a story, it came from my life and I'm just recordin' this shit"

"We used to do pornos when you would come over but now you got morals and shit
I got like four on the wrist and an adorable kid
I got a Drac' in the studio, and I don't just mean that I'm in this bitch"

"I give you this bread, you run me some head
And then you go glow up a bit"

"Her daddy is not around, mama is definitely not around
She got a business plan, but she just ain't had time to write it down
Stay with her sister now, she got a man, but he out of town
Soon as he out of town, they hop in his whip and they ride around"

"I watch her climb to the top of the pole and then get to slidin', slidin'
Thought about trappin' a player before, but that just ain't right, right
Look in the mirror if you wanna look at some things on the bright side
You popped a 325, you feelin' too good to worry tonight"

"Black boxes with the bow and rose
Zara heels bound to give ya Zara toes
Back that thing up, it's a wide load, shawty"

"Little side hustle with the Fashion Nova
Know we both came from a broken home, shawty"

N 2 Deep (ft. Future)

"Kept the Galleria open 'til ten for you and your friends
You know how I spend in H-O-U-S-T-O-N"

"All I know is that when this cup ends, the next one begins"

"Dirtied up a cup, I'm on the Northside
Text you but I know you probably courtside"

"Got a little candy in her pocket
She gon' take off like a— (rocket)"

"I just touched the city with the G-block stainers
And we got it adopted by some fifth ward strangers
You know what it means when I twist these fingers
Me and you been on a first name basis
Why you think I hate it when you talk that Drake shit?"

"Pop that shit, pop that shit
Baby, that pussy was so worth the wait
I wasn't in love with none of them anyway"

"Got some bad bitches
That's gon' fuck me for that AP
Fuck me for that AP, fuck me for that AP"

"If I wasn't rappin', baby, I would still be trappin', baby
Comin' down on sippin' techs, boppers on me, hella crazy
New Mercedes for my baby, 2022, updated"

"We turn the studio into a strip club
Got the strippers goin' way up"

Pipe Down

"It's like home to me
I tatted your passport up
Now it's lookin' like a arm sleeve"

"And when you see Chanel, I wish that's how you saw me
That shit you tell Chanel, I wish that's how you called me"

"You know I love you more than all them niggas put together
And it's a lot of niggas' trust, I put the list together
And it's a lot just to assume we're meant to be together"

"If it was ride or die then you should've been dead right now"

"I need a thousand pages just to write it down (Write it down)
Writing down these feelings, it's been overdue (Overdue)
Don't know how many pens it's gonna take to get over you
How much I gotta pen for you to pipe down? (Pipe down)
How deep I gotta dig for you to pipe down?"

"The world is yours, but the city's mine"

"I can't believe you put it on your mother's life
I can't believe you told me it was ride or die
'Cause you're not here, somehow you're still alive"

"Yeah, and I would listen to the lies that you would tell all night
Angel eyes, but you've been giving me hell all night
I know the book that you would write is a tell-some, not a tell-all
Just to make sure you well off, you would sell all rights"

"Why does your ex think we beefin', is that man alright?
That nigga can't even look at me, he fell off twice"

"And I'm back poppin', I still remember the day I saw you
I was on your ass like back pockets"

"So much shit I wanted to say, straight to your face
'Cause you're so two-faced, that I don't know which face
You're the reason we'll be going separate ways
You're the reason we cannot communicate
It's not the things you say, it's what you don't say
I'm not in your way, you're in your own way"

Yebba's Heartbreak (ft. Yebba)

"How much better can I show my love for you
Than say "I do, I do, I do"?
I do, I do, I do
You may not know right where you're going, but
I do, I do, I do"

"And all the times you wasn't chosen, well, I'll make it up to you"

No Friends in the Industry

"No friends in the industry
My brothers been my brothers, man, you niggas ain't no kin to me, a fact (Woah)
I was known for snappin' when I chat before the app"

"I had to draw the line between my brothers and my enemies, a fact
Niggas love to start the beef, don't wanna keep it rap
Yeah, he hit us up and now we owe you something back"

"See, I was young angel but these niggas turned me evil
Yeah, I know I know you, but you really ain't my people
Yeah, I heard some people say they know 'em as my equal
Truth be told, I son these niggas, girl, I don't compete with 'em"

"Ask about The Boy and they gon' say they got the streets with him
Niggas so offensive knowin' they don't have no defense
Why they always act like we can fix it with a meeting?
All that linking up, man, I'ma see ya when I see ya"

"You niggas ain't no kin and that's a fact (Ayy)
And I'm like Sha'Carri, smoke 'em on and off the track (Aye)"

"You get Drizzy on a track, he'll put you on the map
Oh, it's like that? Hell yeah it's like that (Ayy)"

"And I got a contract, it's a max (Ayy)
SInce I got in contact, she attached
When I signed my first deal, that shit came through a fax
That should let you know how long I been out here runnin' laps"

"Damn, this shit too dirty, gotta yellow tape it
And I got her waitin' at the telly naked"

"We ain't drop though, how you niggas celebratin'?
Already disrespecting, something I ain't tolerating"

"And your circle shrinkin', see some boys escapin'
Rest of them is guilty by association (Ayy, what?)"

"Fuck debatin' who the goat
Bet not make the shit up 'bout the numbers all I know
Bet not make the shit up 'bout the summer all I know
Better find ya someone else to hit with all that smoke, nigga, yeah"

"And all them tweets and all them posts
Ain't got the type of time to be playin' with you folk
I had a Richard prior to these niggas, that's the joke
I'm really down to die behind these verses in my notes"

Knife Talk (ft. 21 Savage & Project Pat)

"I'm mister body catcher, Slaughter Gang soul snatcher
Ain't no regular F-150, this a fuckin' Raptor
No capper, street nigga, not a rapper
Chopper hit him and he turned into a booty clapper"

"Smith & Wesson, I'm 4L Gang reppin'
We done baptized morе niggas than the damn reverеnd (Yeah)"

"I heard Papi outside
And he got the double-R droppy outside
Checked the weather and it's gettin' real oppy outside
I'ma drop this shit and have these pussies droppin' like some motherfuckin'— (flies)"

"When I see you, better put that fuckin' pride to the side
Many times, plenty times, I survived
Beef is live, spoiler alert, this nigga dies"

"I fuck with her, and fuck with her, and her
I hit up err and tell him do the err, for sure
Voodoo curse, it got him while I flew to Turks
Know the dogs had to hit them where we knew it hurts"

"I'm on everything
Jacob charged me four-fifty for a tennis chain
US Open, had it on us at the tennis game
Tell the coach don't take me out, I like to finish games"

"And my pen insane, and my men insane
There's like eighty of us now, that's the scary thing
Shit they doin' on that other side embarrassing"

"We in Paris with it, hundred carats with it
All this shit is for my son, 'cause he's inheritin' it"

7AM on Bridle Path

"The first second they speak to me, I'm not with all the secrecy
Secretly beefin' me behind closed doors
But playin' it peacefully for the streets to see"

"My nigga, have some decency
Don't move like a puto
Could at least keep it a buck like Antetokounmpo"

"I been doin' this since T-Pain was pourin' us Nuvo
You tell 'em I run the country, they'll say, 'True, though'"

"Papi chulo, grippin' culo
And I got the flows niggas steal like boot toes
You boys reachin' new lows
Lettin' me take the rap for that Casper the Ghost shit
While you findin' all of the loopholes
You niggas move too cold"

"See the watch collection and assume I got time
'Cause of the ruby rose two-tone
Or switch it to the one I call "R.I.P. Nipsey"
'Cause I swear to God the bezel got sixty of them blue stones"

"Maybe I'm gettin' too stoned
Calacatta marble for my tombstone"

"Here lies a nigga that never lied in his new song
Or any of his old songs
They sing them shits like folk songs
Kumbaya, boom-ba-ye"

"Know the owl stay on me
Bad bitches tryna come through and lay on me
Tryna get the earl grey on me"

"Only tea you're getting from me is one for the walk of shame
Heart is on my sleeve and my body is in the hall of fame
High fashion and my life is full of climaxes
And my wishes come true without blowin' eyelashes"

"Up in 'Bron crib, fishbowl wineglasses
That's how we passin' time
Hundred thousand on the line
At the table prayin' banker shows a natural nine
It never happens half the time
My losing nights are still a vibe"

"That's the things I accept
You over there in denial, we not neck and neck
It's been a lot of years since we seen you comin' correct
Man, fuck a "Respectfully," I just want my respect"

"They tried to label me mean, I say what I mean
People that could've stayed on the team
They played in-between
Clouds is hanging over you now, 'cause I'm reigning supreme"

"Had to pull my niggas out the mud like I'm trainin' Marines
You niggas hot to them little kids, you ain't famous to me"

"I could give a fuck about who designing your sneakers and tees
Have somebody put you on a Gildan, you play with my seed"

"Give that address to your driver, make it your destination
'Stead of just a post out of desperation"

"This me reachin' the deepest state of my meditation
While you over there tryna impress the nation"

"Mind's runnin' wild with the speculation
Why the fuck we peacemakin', doin' the explanations
If we just gon' be right back in that bitch without hesitation?"

"But let me digress on behalf of the association
I'll play it cool with you, then mark a nigga like Copenhagen
See, they gettin' loose with the line like open cages"

"Niggas textin' "Bro," but we are not of no close relation
I was down to give these niggas credit, but hold the payment
Somehow I'm the greatest in the game, to my own amazement
The greatest in the world, there's no debatin'"

"Far as the Drake era, man, we in the golden ages
Look at the total wages"

"And look at the heroes fallin' from grace in their older ages
If we talkin' top three, then you been slidin' to third like stolen bases"

"Toss around Rollies with frozen faces
They used to tell me back in the day, "Boy, you're going places"
Never understood where I could really take it"

Race My Mind

"Just hung up the phone and I
Could already tell that you're comin' home intoxicated, ooh
So you better take your time with me
'Cause I remember last time you wouldn't make love to me
Then you fell fast asleep (I hope you niggas sleep)
Wouldn't even talk to me, no"

"Picture me rollin' through downtown in a A4
Picture my signature on a pair of some J 4s
Picture me carin' what niggas sayin' on Wi-Fi they don't pay for"

"Knew I needed love, but I think I value the hate more
To push towards things that I prayed for
Retrograde energy shifts are what I was made for"

"You too saucy, too flossy, you moved in and moved off me
All to be with niggas who just startin' to move bossy
Maybe I just handled you too softly"

"If your whole heart wasn't in it, I know a piece of it was
Posted that pic you sent me, it wasn't recent enough
How I'm supposed to wife it? You not Ayesha enough"

"Love showin' the cakes, you know that they eat it up
Love touchin' the road as soon as it's heatin' up
Invited you over, you said that you showin' up
All them spelling mistakes, I know that you drunk as fuck"

Fountains (ft. Tems)

"Try to suppress my emotions
They're bursting like fountains, baby
They take me up, they take me down
I’m getting weak in my knees, oh"

"I got nothing to admire, taste certain
Baby, longing you make me feel something
I got my eyes on you, pull down the curtain
I'll be patient with you, no more fighting"

Get Along Better (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)

"You said you felt something for me (Talk to 'em)
I don't know when
Based on the signals you send
Based on the way you apologized
When you came to see me and then (Then what?)"

"You had the nеrve to defend (Dеfend what?)
Mistakes that you made at the end
You said I was too invested
And that's what had forced you to go and pretend"

"Trust me, this ain't 'bout revenge
But now I get along better with your friend (Woo)
And it's wrong, I know (Know, know, know)
But again (Ooh, yeah)
Trust me, this ain't 'bout revenge
I get along better with your friend (Oh)
And it's wrong, I know, it's wrong, I know, oh"

"You had the nerve to still ask for my help
Dug you out ditches, you buried yourself, ah-oh
You said you fell
And I took your word that night in our hotel"

"One thing about time, surely, time's gonna tell
Never had to work for much, so you said it yourself, ah-oh, oh"

"Can't let it go, can't get this out of me
This shit still bothers me
Don't you dare (Don't you dare)
Don't say you're proud of me
Hurt's just unreal to me
Now you wanna come crack to me (Crack, crack)
Three whole years after me
Why did you wait 'til the end?"

You Only Live Twice (ft. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne)

"No, I'm never gangbangin' in my blue Chucks
Money callin' so I threw the deuce up"

"Yeah, they plottin' on me but they gotta do somethin'
Told my dawg two-somethin' just to shoot somethin' (M-M—)
Left them niggas stretched out on the train tracks
Rather you than me, here come that payback"

"Got 'em lookin' for that paper that they can't tax
Yayo so clean, I told 'em call it, "Ajax"
Hialeah celebrated when Fidel died
Patti LaBelle, who knew that we would sell pies?"

"Standin' on your own is when you realize
When all the lights go out, that's when you see the real guys"

"Back to the real niggas glowin' in the dark (M-M—)
Never perfect but you know a nigga heart
A rich nigga that'll pull up to the park
Get on one knee and tell the kids that they are stars"

"Bullet wounds don't be covered by ObamaCare
Your funeral was way too soon, that's if your mama there
Real niggas deserve to live twice (M-M—)
Plastic fork and some fried rice"

"Yeah, two-point-two for the Rafael Nadal
Don't act like you're happy for me now"

"Don't act like you wasn't prayin' for catastrophic collapses
Catalog is immaculate
Still runnin' the game, don't ask me about the practice"

"Ho, you go on vacation, don't ask me about relaxin'
Not sure if you know but I'm actually Michael Jackson
The man I see in the mirror is actually goin' platinum"

"Unthinkable when I think of the way these niggas been actin'
Yeah, I never did you nothin' and you play like we family, huh?
Next thing, you wanna shoot me down, it can't be love
Not sure where you was tryna send it, it can't be up
That day you sounded like a bitch, you fancy, huh?"

"I gotta dead a lot of shit just to live like this
I had to fuck a lot of girls to get a kid like this
I had to get a lot of cribs to get a crib like this, nigga"

"That's why I'm movin' all elusive
These boys on they last resort and it's givin' us all inclusive
Been spazzin' since CB was chunkin' up the deuces, nigga
Your shit was boo-boo, excuses, excuses, nigga"

"Brrrt, may I speak to pussy niggas?
I just call it like I see it, I ain't even lookin', nigga
I just walk it like I speak and I ain't speakin' to them niggas
I ain't starvin', I'm just greedy, all I eat is pussy, nigga
Don't wan' see these pussy niggas, y'all can't see me, pussy niggas"

"You keep talkin' like you eatin', I'ma feed you bullets, nigga
I might even cook a nigga, all my weed is cookies, nigga
Shove a 8-ball up her pussy like a fetus for me, nigga
I got bitches doin' lines, I'm Adidas to 'em, nigga"

"I'm so difficult to fathom like a fever in the winter
I got women in the Phantom with they cleavage out the window
Long hair, lot of tats and I smell like the pack"

"Whip that big body Maybach like it's a little Pontiac
All my chains look like snakes, that's some real diamondbacks
Pull my hammer out her pussy, pull her nails out my back"

"On the scale, my pockets fat, and to this whale, you like a ant
I'ma dog, if you a dog, then pull your tail up out your ass"

"I can fly to check my mailbox, invoices soundin' like Jill Scott
Pill popped, house in Hidden Hills on the hilltop
Her ears popped, she lick my lollipop and my teardrops, Tunechi"

IMY2 (ft. Kid Cudi & Juice WRLD)

"I think that's what life is about
Truly findin' yourself
And then closin' your eyes and dyin' in your sleep"

"No stress is on my brain, no worries here, I'm chosen (Yeah, yeah)
Made another way, my nigga, watch me go shine
When I close my eyes my world comes alive (Yeah)"

"People grow, good times sometimes (Nigga)
Real niggas in life survive (Yeah)"

"Set the tempo, got a nympho on my line (Yeah-yeah)
Said she wanna unwind (She do)"

"Finding myself as the days
Fly by like us on the move
You told me I was a phase
Okay, fine, I miss you too
Probably wouldn't believe me if I told you
Pieces of myself that I should never lose
All these people that love you don't know you
How am I supposed to move?"

"Bold niggas gettin' real italics 'round me
Finally circled, found the purple
Undisclosed amounts straight from Universal"

Fucking Fans (ft. PartyNextDoor)

"I'm still working on me
And I'm coming back better for you (I'm comin' back, oh-ooh)
Most times it was my selfishness and your helplessness that I took advantage of
You sit in the house and I be out and I know you're worried"

"I should've came home, came home sooner
You'd probably still be there if I
Came home, love you like I treat ya"

"I'm still working on me (Work it)
And I'm coming back with a plan and there's money in my hand, baby (Work it)
You said I was fucking up when I was out here fucking fans, damn, and it made you look crazy"

"Nights when I just needed to hold somebody
Feeling overwhelmed, should've told somebody
Picture and it's me sending chills through your body
I just probably should've chilled 'til I saw you
How am I supposed to get to know somebody?"

"Nigga left his 20s and I still wanna party
I can not be trusted on my own with nobody"

"If we broke it off then you know it wasn't painless
If she got a watch then you know it's not a stainless
I was out here fucking fans, I was shameless"

"You was at the crib reading stories that they sent you
Most of that was bullshit but some of it I did do
Hard for me to justify the women I was into
Especially when the whole entire world wished they had you"

"Then I locked the door that night in Vegas 'cause I had to
Then I had a kid even though I never planned to
I cannot imagine when your girls gave you that news"

"Probably made you want to hit the streets on everything
Probably made you want to pour bleach on everything
Probably made you want to kill me on everything"

"Dialing, I'ma say two, zero, one, four
'Cause you're on the same shit that you was on before
I know you're not happy, girl, everybody know
Could see it in your boyfriend eyes at the show"

"Don't tell me let it go, I'm a letting go pro
You don't wanna grow but we gotta outgrow
Went six digits on the lock screen code
You crack into that ho and it's gon' be a lot of smoke"

"We both getting rich but the trust getting broke
Tear me down with words but I know that's how you cope
Cover up a lot, can't cover up your soul
Know you're not happy, girl, everybody know"

The Remorse

"Look, me and Lil Sandra bagging CDs in the bubble wrap
People recognize me from the TV, but I'm done with that
People don't wanna see me succeed, this shit come with that
Even when I come back, I don't know if it's me that's gonna be coming back"

"Dropped out of school 'cause nobody was teaching that
The Best Western is where a nigga was sleeping at
Daemen College booking me to pull up and speak the facts"

"Even if they make a movie 'bout us, this shit'll be hard to re-enact
Dislocated shoulder, it's hard to be always reaching back
All these IOU's, it's hard for me to be keeping track
Friends that dedicated they life to just keepin' me intact"

"Hard to pay 40, pay Noel, pay Niko back
All the nights I needed to vent to someone and CJ sat
All the nights Chubbs was pulling up where I need him at
All the times Mark was making sure that my luggage packed
At times, he had to double back (Oh-oh, oh-oh)"

"I mean, even with his salary, you can't put no prices on that
There is no salary cap, there is no payin' him back, for real"

"Shots gotta fly either way, now I make it or miss
Overtime, I was all good, we take it in shifts"

"The finish line is where I like to pull up and start from
Pain is just a place that I go to get the bars from
Anxiety's a drug that I use to get the job done
Delusional's a space I like to think that I'm far from"

"My son is the one thing I hate to be apart from
Bet against me, don't know where they getting their odds from
I know that when it's done, I'm going wherever God's from
But I still don't know where I get the calm from"

"And I'm drownin' out the noise from the sideline
Sometime it's louder than the voice I got in my mind
I can't even hear myself when I get quiet time"

"Like, how they tellin' me I'm done, when I'm in my prime?
They've been tryna push a narrative since '09
And they even had my ass convinced a couple times
But that ain't even the half, I had tougher times"

"Only look for sympathy inside my mother's eyes
And it's whatever with them niggas on the other side"

"I tried to kill them boys with kindness, but they wouldn't die
So now I kill 'em all for acting like they couldn't die (Yeah)"

"My hard work doesn't just pay off, it pays all the family debts off
I'm taking heads off, Future out here like Irving Azoff
Houses paid off, label paid off
My soul for the money wasn't the trade-off
Unlike most of you boys that fade off
I feel guilty taking some days off"

"Please don't google my net worth, the numbers are way off
I mean, if you comparin' it to what I really made off with
I'm more like Bernie with all the earnings that they came off
Trust me it was nothin' light, holmes
They tried to give me a slice of the pie, and I took the knife home"

"Can't picture bein' a hubby, finger too stubby to fit a ring on
Unless Kawhi wanna run it back"

"Certified Lover Boy, I'm not the one for cuddling or none of that
Y'all music is watered down, will you love 'em back?
And you know what I'm on, blowing past ya, owning masters
Said you're like a father figure to me, but now daddy's not around so I'm a bastard
Oh, of course, the only villain that show remorse when I owe you more
Soft spot for all the ones that came before, I can't ignore it"

"From the bottom the to the top, man, what's it like in the middle?
From the lemon faced radio host that love to be bitter
To my dogs in the game who wasn't pick of the litter
For the young Gs out here starting from the beginning
Nobody praying for you when you winning, don't forget it"


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