Let’s face it: you’re an unashamed sports fan, and it’s something you’ve probably been passionate about since an early age.

Sports is something you play and talk about all the time to most people you meet each day, whether they’re as passionate about it as you or not!

You’ve also got an entrepreneurial side, and you’re wondering how you can combine your love of sports with making a side income. 

The thing is, you don’t have much money to invest in a new sports-related business. Thankfully, you don’t need lots of cash for some ideas!

For example, selling sports items online is a way to make a mostly passive income. But, did you know you don’t need to spend six or seven-figure sums to do that? 

Here’s how you can sell sports products online without going bankrupt.

Make Your Business Official

It’s essential that you correctly register your business for tax purposes; otherwise, you could get in trouble for profiting without paying any taxes on those profits. There are several legal entities you can consider for your business.

The cheapest option is to register as a sole proprietor. However, you could form a limited liability company to make your business appear bigger and more credible to its customers. It can also help when dealing with suppliers as you can potentially negotiate better discounts.

If you’re worried about your home address going on public records, you could use a virtual business address from www.physicaladdress.com for all official correspondence. That way, you reduce the likelihood of random customers turning up at your doorstep to buy stuff!

Work With Drop Shippers

It’s no secret that investing in stock can cost a lot of money. Of course, the purpose of this blog post is to find low-cost ways to sell sports products online. One effective way to achieve that goal is by working with drop shippers.

In a nutshell, dropshipping is a process where you place an order with a supplier as soon as your customer places an order with you. The drop shipper will send the order out to your customer and can even have your branding on any enclosed paperwork like delivery notes.

Some drop shippers may demand immediate payment before they send any orders out; others might let you have credit facilities with them. It’s a successful concept that works in many niche markets, including sports products.

It goes without saying that you should research the best dropshipping providers for the types of sports products you want to sell. Doing so will ensure you and your customers will receive the right mix of customer service, quality, and value for money.

Take a look at www.wholesalecentral.com to determine the right ones for your business.


Once you register your business and work with the right drop shipper, all you’ll need to do is sell your products online via a platform like Shopify, market your website, and watch the sales happen before your eyes!


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