With more people allowed out and about, it’s easy to see why they’d want to be a little more active. That doesn’t mean that everyone wants to get back to the same old sports and exercises.

Instead, they want to try something new. You might be surprised to learn that there are quite a few relatively unknown sports that have active communities. As a result, they’re likely to have clubs or teams somewhere near you.

If you want to be active but you don’t want to go for the obvious choices, such as football, then you might want to give these a look.


While you mightn’t have heard of pickleball, it’s been growing in popularity in the past few years. To boil it down to basics, this is a combination of ping pong, tennis, and badminton. All you’ll need to play it is a pickleball paddle, a ball with holes in it, and a slightly altered tennis net.

Though you can play this indoors or outdoors, it’s recommended that you do so on a badminton court. Doing so should let you take full advantage of the fun that the sport offers. Like tennis, it can be played by all ages and you can double-up on it.

The more space you have to play pickleball with, the better. You could, however, play it in small places, although this isn’t too recommended.

Pickleball is also one of the youngest sports that you can find, as it’s only about 65 years old. While it’s mostly popular in Canada and the United States, its international popularity has been growing recently.

You’ll have to spend a little while learning the basics, but you should find yourself having fun in almost no time.


Many people think of softball as somewhat of a child’s sport. That’s because it’s relatively similar to baseball, although with a bigger ball and smaller field. There’s still just as much fun, however, and you’ll need to put in just as much effort.

There are also multiple recreational leagues for adults, so you shouldn’t have a problem joining a team. These seem to be much easier to find than baseball ones, and they’re also easier to join.

For some low-risk fun, this could be worth considering.

Street Hockey

You might think that hockey can only be played in an ice rink. That’s not the case, as street hockey can attest. Also known as ground hockey, they can be played on almost any street. Naturally, you’ll need to make sure that there isn’t any traffic so you can do so safely.

An empty lot or something similar could be better recommended. Street hockey is played almost exactly the same as the ice-based version, so you wouldn’t have to learn any new rules.

While you might need to pick up some skates to play properly, the only other things you’ll need are a puck, goals, and your stick.

Blind Soccer

While blind soccer is typically played by the visually impaired, that doesn’t mean that nobody else can play. You’ll naturally have to wear eye shields or some other blindfold, you can still join in.

In many cases, this can add to the fun, alongside creating a bonding experience if you have any friends or family with visual impairments. Naturally, this is played on a smaller field than traditional soccer, so there’ll be less running around.

Though blind soccer is primarily enjoyed in Brazil - which has what’s often considered the best blind soccer team - it’s becoming much more popular in the United States and other countries. That should mean that you wouldn’t need to spend too much time finding a team to join.

There are multiple other sports you can do this with, too, so they could be worth looking into.


Handball is another sport that many people see as relatively childish. It’s a lot more serious than you’d think, however, with there even being an Olympic league. If you’ve never played this before, you should think of it as a mix between soccer and basketball.

The goals are typically set up like soccer goals, and players use their hands to play, as the name suggests. You can play this almost anywhere that you can set up two goals. As such, it’s one of the easier games to play, regardless of where you are.

If you want something just for a holiday or to keep entertained during the summer, this could be the right option.

Flag Football

There are quite a few people who’ve always wanted to play football but don’t want to deal with the potential injuries. That’s an understandable decision. You don’t need to feel disappointed if you fall into this camp.

Instead, you could try flag football. This features all of the typical rules and fun that you’d expect with the standard sport. Instead of tackles, however, the opposing players will have to tear a flag off of your body. These are typically attached to your waste.

As a result, you’ll still play football the way it’s normally played, except without the tackles. All fun and almost no risk.

Ultimate Frisbee

Frisbee mightn’t be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fun sports. There’s a bit of a difference with ultimate frisbee, though. While there are more rules than its standard counterpart, there’s also a lot more fun.

Keeping active is a large part of this, so you’ll also get a good workout when you’re playing. Naturally, the more people that are playing, the more fun you’re likely to have. You’ll also need to have as much space as possible.

If you have a spare few hours to spend at the park with friends, then it’s worth picking up a frisbee and giving this a go. It’ll be more fun than you expect, and there are even some teams you could join if you like it.

Rock Climbing

Though rock climbing has exploded in popularity in the past few decades, it’s not for the faint of heart. If you like a bit of a thrill, however, then it’s one of the more recommended extreme sports that you can try.

That doesn’t mean that you should try to climb any rockface, though. There are plenty of indoor places for you to practice and get better at it. That’s a much better option to try, as you’ll then be prepared for any riskier rock faces you come up against.

It’s also much safer, as there’ll be safety equipment and trained professionals to keep an eye on you.

Water Polo

Unfortunately, the majority of water sports tend to be done by individuals. If you’re looking for something more team-focused, though, then water polo might be the right choice for you. Essentially, this is a water-based version of handball.

Though you’ll have to put a lot more effort to play this right, that doesn’t take away from the fun. You’ll also get a significant workout, as you’ll need a lot of stamina to keep going during a game.

After all, treading water for that long isn’t exactly easy. It’s also a great option if you’re on holiday and you’re relaxing at the pool.


Curiosity can be a great thing, especially when it leads to something that you enjoy for years. If you’re a sports lover, then you should end up loving a few of the above. 

What’s stopping you from giving them a try?

While some might seem a little unexpected, that could make them all the more enjoyable. Fresh air, exercise, and some fun await. 

What’s stopping you?


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