Are you looking to pursue a unique, adventurous outdoor sport that will challenge you physically and mentally? Rock climbing just might be the activity for you. 

If you’re interested in giving rock climbing a try but don’t know much about it yet, read this guide on the different types of rock climbing. 

Free Climbing

Free climbing is an overarching type of climbing that involves climbing upward using only your body and features of the rocks, with protective equipment like ropes or other supports being utilized to guard against a fall. 

This type of climbing encapsulates most types of rock climbing, including top roping and trad climbing.

Top Roping

Top roping is a good type of climbing for beginners, as it uses a rope and anchor system and a belayer on the ground to secure the climber as he or she climbs. 

This method of climbing is typically used for indoor climbing and, provided there are anchors available, this method can also be used in outdoor climbing.

Trad Climbing

Trad climbing, or traditional climbing, is a type of outdoor climbing in which climbers bring their own gear, placing it as they climb to create an outdoor route. 

Trad climbing offers climbers the freedom to create their own climbing paths combined with the safety of using supports.


Bouldering is a type of climbing that is performed without a rope or supports, usually on the face of a boulder or another short rock surface. 

In this type of climbing, a crash pad is placed beneath the climbing route to catch the climber if he or she falls.


Mountaineering, also known as alpine climbing, is a type of climbing that involves climbing up a mountain. Generally, the climbing conditions are snowy, rocky, and icy, so a climber doing this type of climbing must be prepared for these physically demanding conditions. 

Since they’ll be climbing high up in the snowy mountains, mountaineers must also be prepared for the cold weather of their climb.

Free Soloing

Free soloing is a type of climbing in which no supports or ropes are used to guard against a fall, and a climber is relying purely on their body strength and skill. 

Since a fall in this type of climbing can be fatal, it is best for very experienced, daring climbers.


With so many different types of rock climbing to choose from, you’re sure to find one that interests you. Plus, in addition to strengthening your body and being a great hobby, rock climbing will allow you to explore outdoor areas from a perspective you’ve never seen before. 

Why not give it a try?


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