Sports can be an invaluable experience for children and provide you with a wonderful way for families to bond. 

By engaging in physical activity and a bit of healthy competition together, you can teach your children sportsmanship and the importance of exercise. Not to mention that you also can have a great time together while doing it. 

If you want to enjoy sports and exercise-based games with your kids, here are a few ideas for every family.


Baseball is considered America’s pastime for a reason. It can be a great way to spend the day. 

Grab your wood bats and practice your swing in the backyard or call in your favorite friends to have a game with the kids. This can help kids learn the art of the game, practice their hand-eye coordination and give everyone a joyful experience together.


If your kids want another way to practice their hand-eye coordination, basketball is another family favorite. This sport can be played with a much smaller number of players and can be the perfect game for a small family. 

Whether you choose a one-on-one game, play as a team or just practice with a game of horse, basketball can be a fun way to play as the entire family. 

Even if you have very young children in your family, you can get them a lighter ball and child-sized hoop to practice at a young age.


Soccer seems to be commonplace for many families. With a team-based sport that is common amongst suburban households, this is a wonderful outlet. 

Sign your kiddos up for a community league and cheer them on from the sidelines. Then when you are at home, you can help them practice their foot-eye coordination, dribbling skills, and shooting. 

There are plenty of ways that you can engage as a family in developmentally appropriate sports, especially with this family favorite.


If your little one embodies fish-like energy, sign them up for swimming. This is a great way to burn off energy, get them moving and build strength and confidence. 

Not to mention that this is a great way to cool off during the warmer months and can give them essential skills to keep them safe in the water.


If you want another summer sport, beach volleyball is a fun way to pass time. Whether you play together as a family to spend a beautiful day or you play in a league, this can teach your little one the immense influence of trust and communication. 

Because you rely so heavily on your teammates in volleyball, these are very natural lessons that occur as a result of play.


For those who prefer more individual sports, tennis is a wonderful way to get your body moving. 

You may be surprised at the amount of power and speed that you build up as you begin to perfect your game; however, the inner strength and confidence that your child will build as they play will be even more powerful.

Martial Arts

If your little ones could benefit from structure and discipline, choosing a martial art. With child-only classes and classes that you can take as a family, this can be a wonderful way to get involved in sports. 

With a curriculum and structured technique, this is a powerful lesson for any young person.

Equestrian Sports

If your family has always loved animals, there is no reason why you cannot pair that love with this sports journey. With equestrian sports, you can experience firsthand the power of a partnership between an animal and its trainer. 

With events that range from endurance riding to jumping, there are a wide array of activities that you can take on with equestrian sports. Riding horses together can teach valuable lessons about trust, respect, and care for other beings which are all essential lessons for all.


As a parent, the most important thing about sports is getting your kids moving. These different activities provide a wide array of options for your little one to get moving. 

Whether you are cheering them on from the sidelines or actively playing with them, sports can be an invaluable experience.


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