Even when professional athletes are in the off-season, they must have the determination to stay fresh and sharp for what’s to come. 

Several professional athletes have learned that training with sports simulators is a way to stay on top of their game and hit the ground running, especially after an extended break. 

Paul Goldschmidt 

The St. Louis Cardinals have been a mess in 2023. The Redbirds were the pre-season favorite to take home the division and be a contender in the National League but have come up dramatically short of those expectations. 

Heading into 2024, they may want to consider the sports simulator NL MVP Paul Goldschmidt used. Goldschmidt still loves training and playing games with his family on his home sports simulator.  

Auston Matthews

The Toronto Maple Leafs inked up their all-world center to a lengthy contract recently, hoping he can guide them to their first Stanley Cup championship since 1967. 

While that may be shooting for the stars, Mathews can at least guide them out of the first round one of these times. 

With his new treasure chest of dough and ample time in the off-season, there’s no wonder Mathews has a sports simulator to enjoy. Like Goldy, he enjoys it for training when he can, but it also provides hours of fun.

Bryson DeChambeau

With all the money from playing LIV Golf, there’s no question Bryson DeChambeau has the coin to get a sports simulator. 

But besides the fun it provides, DeChambeau is a staunch believer in analytics and learning about his swing with the help of the simulator

Without simulator technology, DeChambeau wouldn’t have built his game around hitting the long ball and driving the green on par-4s. 

But since golf simulators help a player’s game immensely, he transformed himself into becoming a US Open champion. 

Ben Roethlisberger

Currently, the Pittsburgh Steelers are going through it in regards to the quarterback position. But the 17 seasons prior, they had a stalwart in Ben Roethlisberger. 

Now retired, the two-time Super Bowl champion has time to enjoy everything a sports simulator offers. Possibly keeping his arm fresh for when a team gets desperate enough to exhaust all their options, giving Big Ben a ring. 


This list details just a small collection of athletes who train with sports simulators. Access to one is great fun, even if it’s not in your home as it is for these multi-millionaires. 

If you ever see one near where you live, it’s worth checking out to see what all the hubbub is about.


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