Soccer is one of the oldest sports in our history.  This beloved game is played or watched by many people and is known as football in other countries. 

It is a fast-paced game that requires speed, endurance, stamina, and coordination, among other skills. Smart and efficient training can improve your soccer skills. 

Here are some tips for standing out on the field.

Speed Training

When the ball is loose, the fastest player typically ends up with it. Quick sprints and running at fast paces while the ball is in bounds are a large component of the game. Focusing on speed training is one way to improve your soccer skills. 

Interval training, jumping rope, and other speed drills need to be part of your regimen. Your form is essential when it comes to sprinting. 

Drills for explosive speed, strength training to help improve force, and focusing on maximum output sprints at your full potential are incredibly beneficial. 

Whether you have your sights set on making a specific team or just want to compete better in your recreational league with court reporters Spokane, increased speed will help improve your overall game.

Strength Training

Weightlifting is important to building overall strength and helps with many other areas of your game, including force and speed. 

Bodyweight exercises are also a great way to strength train. Strong legs will help propel the ball forward with force and power each kick. 

Squats, lunges, deadlifts, and other lower body exercises will help build up the muscles in your legs and glutes, giving you more power to sprint and kick. 

Upper body strength like shoulder presses, bicep curls, and rows could add power and distance to your overhead throws or help with goalkeeping movements.

Foot Skills

Ball handling and control is a skill all top soccer players possess. Ball mastery exercises are vital to improving your foot skills. 

Dribbling drills through cones or flags can be practiced anytime and anywhere. This will help with your coordination. 

Keep your head and eyes up as you practice to mimic game scenarios where you will need your head up scanning for oncoming defenders and open teammates as you advance down the field. 

Focus on trapping the ball and minimizing the time between trapping and moving ahead with dribbling, passing, or shooting.


Preparing mentally for each practice and game could have a dramatic impact on your performance. Preparedness can promote confidence, reduce anxiety and decrease tension. 

Consider meditation before taking the field to clear your mind of other distractions. When you are focused on other things, you will not devote your full attention to the game, which will hinder your performance. 

Handling stress, overcoming defeat, and bouncing back after a bad game is vital for all athletes, not just soccer players.

Overall Health

Eat healthy, well-balanced meals and drink plenty of water as you train to become the best soccer player you can be. Your body needs beneficial nutrients like fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins to build muscle and optimize performance. 

You can add supplements or vitamins to your daily routine to fill any nutritional gaps your diet may have. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and limit sugary sports drinks and juices.

Another critical part of taking care of your body is ensuring you get enough rest. Strive for an adequate amount of quality sleep each night, especially the night before a game. 

Create an ideal sleeping situation by limiting distractions and screen time prior to bed, performing relaxing activities such as reading or taking a bath to unwind, and making your bedroom cool and dark.


Top athletes train hard, putting in the time and effort to become stronger, healthier, smarter, and more skilled. 

To become the best soccer player you can be, your approach must be well-rounded, focusing on overall health and wellness, as well as strength training, speed training, and the skills that are crucial to soccer. 

Focus on training efficiently and stay dedicated to see the results you desire.


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