Growing an audience is the most significant milestone for any business and sports brand, as it is vital for business growth. Therefore, many sports brands are turning to Salesforce to help them achieve this. 

Salesforce CRM has industry-leading abilities to significantly change customers’ experience while buying online using their highly advanced AI software. 

So, how do these brands use Salesforce to grow their audience? Read on to find out.

Omni-Channel Approach

Sports brands use the Omni-channel approach to sales to grow their audience by providing personalized products anytime and anywhere. Keeping customers at the forefront is key to business success and growth. 

Using Salesforce CRM, the brands can analyze customer interactions holistically and use their data to create personalized content for each customer.

Salesforce tools like Service Cloud enable you to automate business processes. It also allows you to interact with customers on any channel, use intelligent tools in call centers for more efficiency, and increase sales using AI. 

Other tools that sports brands benefit from for using Salesforce include:

  • ExactTarget - provides implementation and consulting services. Also, it enables you to automate marketing and provides you with a tool to analyze email, mobile, social, and online marketing. 
  • Marketing Cloud enables you to analyze customer data and behaviors together to respond to their needs promptly and expect what they may want to buy. 
  • Sales Cloud brings all customer information together on one platform. The platform integrates marketing, lead generation, customer service, business analytics, and sales using AppExchange. 

Salesforce consulting company helps many companies to implement these tools efficiently.

Offering Better & Personalized Service

The best way to grow and retain your audience is by giving them excellent customer service. If your service is poor, you are more likely to lose them to your competitors, regardless of the quality of your product. 

Using Salesforce CRM, brands keep track of their customers’ purchase history, which newsletters interest them, and the results of calling them. Through this information, your sales team can come up with insights on cross-selling and marketing.

Sports brands like Salomon use data they obtain using Salesforce CRM to personalize their clients’ services. 

They send automated emails to their visitors using information from the abandoned cart to remind the possible buyers that they have not completed their purchase. 

They attach a link to the cart to make it easy for the customer to find it in the email. Also, they include products that the customers are more likely to buy, based on their previous searches on their website.

Streamlining Processes

Using Salesforce CRM, brands can reduce the time they use to serve their customers and improve productivity. The platform enables them to find customer information faster, reply to queries promptly, and help them better. 

Also, it becomes easy to manage the many contacts that the business has, enabling them to contact the right person quickly. 

You can schedule the calls or messages, especially when you need to remind them about subscription renewal or changes in the price of subscriptions. Also, you can schedule reminders of important dates for customers, such as birthdays. 

The Salesforce CRM platform enables sports brands to create buyers’ personas or buying cycles, targeting their customers better. 

Building Excellent Customer Relationships

It is cheaper to keep an existing customer than acquire a new one, about five times cheaper. Therefore, as a business, one will aim to retain their customers after receiving them to maximize their profits. 

CRM makes it easy for most sports brands like Reebok to grow relationships with their customers, as they can quickly identify what matters to them.

Salesforce enables you to build customer relationships and increase client retention by:
  • Allowing you to provide up-sell or cross-sell opportunities to your customers
  • Send newsletters based on customer interests
  • Invite them to exclusive events and product launches
  • Identify referral, review, and recommendation opportunities
  • Reminding you of customers’ special days for you to send congratulatory messages

Find & Convert New Customers

Using Salesforce CRM Sales Cloud, sports brands can integrate their lead generation and marketing tools that enable the sales team to get excellent leads. They can then use this information to identify new and prospective customers.

Also, it enables you to keep track of the sites they have been to, purchases made in the past, and other engagements they had with your brand. 

You can also check the product pages they have visited frequently, then use the information to encourage them to buy the product from you. 

Therefore, using Salesforce, a sports brand gets a complete view of its prospective customers. It enables them to create better campaigns that hook the customers to their business and convert new ones.


When a company uses Salesforce software efficiently, they are likely to grow their business and audience with minimal effort. You can also build communities of like-minded customers to increase loyalty to your brand. 

However, before choosing a Salesforce partner, take your time to research to get the best partner who understands your brand well.


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