It is interesting to note what motivates or drives different people to make certain decisions in life. This is even more exciting when it comes to lifestyle and fitness goals. 

Professional athletes and fitness gurus are likely to follow strict paths because they intend to get specific results. This explains why muscle building is not a surprising fit anymore. 

Reasons and motivations range from professional, personal, and even competitive drives. But how does one attain their desired level of muscle growth? 

Regardless of the motivating factors, different people want to grow muscles effectively. Below are a few techniques that are effective since they have been tried and tested.

Using Supplements & Performance Enhancers

Bodybuilding, in this case, muscle building, is a combination of what one takes/ingests and the exercise they do to boost muscle formation. 

Many professional bodybuilders tend to use products that enhance the conversion of whatever foods they take into muscles. It is not surprising to find them using good supplements and enhancers to ensure that every food they consume helps them achieve their overall goal. 

Consumption of vape products from brands like vaporesso produces top quality vape products can act as performance enhancers. 

There are a few popular supplements and performance enhancers that you could try out if you want the same results. Before you even start investigating, make sure to research the accepted supplements, especially if you are into professional bodybuilding. 

Using some of these products ignorantly could lead to disqualification and cause career failure. You want to be cautious when introducing any new supplement or product into your regular regimen.

Focus On Protein Synthesis & Eating More Food

The more protein you have in your body, the easier it is to build muscles. However, naturally, your body uses protein for many other functions, including hormone creation. As a result, it is possible to deplete available proteins for muscle building. 

To avoid this, consider incorporating more protein into your daily diet. Nutritionists advise taking a gram of protein for every pound of weight one has to counter the depletion of protein in the body.

Besides eating enough protein, you also need more calories to build muscles. This translates to eating calorie-dense foods to support your goal. Keep monitoring your weight increment on your bathroom scale and adjust your calories accordingly. 

The number of extra calories you need should be calculated based on the exercises you are doing since the intensity of each exercise determines the number of calories you need to utilize. 

Exercise Smart

It is one thing to work out and another to do it in a meaningful and smart manner. For muscle building, focus on multi-joint workouts and forget about dwelling on the fun exercises. 

You need to challenge and push your body during training if you want to experience any results. Be open to isolation training because it works. Using multiple muscle groups and your lifts will help you build muscles faster. 

Moves such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and pullups are part of your workout routine. The idea is to stimulate multiple muscle groups all at once and boost muscle growth. 

If you are unsure about proceeding, consider working with a trainer with your fitness and muscle growth goals in mind.

No Training Shortcuts

Muscle building and strength building require heavy training. It is as simple as that. Heavy training benefits the muscles as they challenge the muscles eccentrically and concentrically. 

The stimulation caused by weights going up and down encourages muscle tearing and rebuilding, boosting muscle growth. 

However, it has to be done right and preferably under the watchful eyes of a fitness trainer to avoid any injuries. Note that for heavy training, you can set lower reps and still attain results. 

Always start slowly and progressively increase the amount of weight and repetitions.

Take Your Shake Before Training

A study done by the University of Texas in 2001 revealed that lifters who take their protein shake before working out have a better chance of boosting their protein synthesis than those who consume it later.  

This result was triggered by the fact that there is an enhanced blood flow to the body's working tissues during exercise. 

As such, there will be more amino-acid uptake when you are working out than when you are not. Just make sure that your shake has 10 to 20 grams of protein when consuming it. If you cannot stomach the protein shakes/drinks, make an equally protein-dense dish or meal just before hitting the gym.

Always Aim to Finish Your Workouts On a Good Note

Just because you are taking on brutal workout routines or training hard does not mean you should always finish your workout days feeling dead from exhaustion. On the contrary, limit your workouts to specific numbers of sets that your body can take. 

Note that overworking your muscles and body will not support growth, meaning that you will be working against yourself. Instead, work out with recovery in mind. 

No one wants to invest too much time and effort in counterproductive activities. Since regulation may not be straightforward for newbies, try working with an expert that understands.


Muscle/bodybuilding is not as easy as many people assume. It takes a calculated approach to achieve desired goals. However, it is not an impossible thing to do with dedication and focus. 



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