If you've ever attended a game, you know that sporting events make money through individual and season tickets that they sell. They also make money in a number of other ways. 

Here are some of them.

By Selling Clothing

When fans attend different sporting events, they like to wear jerseys and hats as well as other clothing promoting their favorite teams. 

Sporting events have these items printed with the team logo and label them for sale using barcode formatting.

By Selling Memorabilia

Fans not only like to wear jerseys, but they also buy travel mugs and key chains, along with banners bearing images of their favorite mascots. 

Sales are made by vendors who walk the stadium. These items are also sold at vending stands

By Selling Food

Everyone gets hungry while watching a game, especially if it's baseball. 

The organizers of sporting events know this and they make sure to have plenty of vendors cooking and selling hot dogs and popcorn as well as nachos and slices of pizza. For those fans with a sweet tooth, funnel cakes and cookies are also popular choices.

Food corporations such as Frito-Lay are coming up with unique creations to satisfy the palates of sports fans including chicken coated in spicy corn chips.

By Selling Drinks

Eating a hot dog or two can make a person thirsty. Event planners know this, and they make sure to have plenty of different soda pops on hand for sale. 

Alcoholic beverages such as beer are also a popular choice.  Sports organizers know this and make sure to obtain a permit to sell alcohol.

College stadiums are also selling alcoholic beverages to the public at many sporting events, although there are concerns of problems associated with drinking, such as inebriated fans falling over railings or stumbling downstairs.

By Selling Programs

Programs featuring information about the players and other statistics are also popular at games. Event organizers make sure to print these up and sell them at every game. 

These programs, printed on heavy paper, make great souvenirs that people save for years and sometimes sell later on online auctions such as eBay.

By Selling Ads

Stadiums have come a long way from hanging banners advertising different products. Today most stadiums have large scoreboards made of LED colored lights that produce brilliant images in the blink of an eye. 

Advertisements promoting a wide range of products can be displayed during the game in between showing the score. It attracts the attention of fans and is an effective way to promote products. It's also a great way for sporting events to make money.

By Renting Out Space

There's no point in leaving a stadium empty during off-season times or when there isn't a game. Sports arenas make additional money by rending out the stadium for a wide range of events. 

Are you expecting a large number of guests for your wedding? Get married at a sports arena.  Other people rent stadiums for corporate events or even parties. Charities rent sporting arenas for fundraising events.

By Renting Parking Spaces

Sporting events also make money by renting out parking spaces. 

If you don't want to walk half a mile from your car to the game, you can rent a spot that's closer, although you'll likely pay a hefty fee for the privilege. 

If a stadium is located close to downtown, organizers can also rent the spaces during the week to tourists.


Ticket sales are a big part of the revenue sports organizers earn at each game. Other ways they can earn money, however, are limited only by their imaginations.


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