Unlike any other, pickleball is a fast-paced sport that seems to be gaining popularity quickly. 

Started by three dads, this competitive game has a paddle a bit like table tennis, a court similar to tennis but smaller, and a ball somewhere between a ping pong ball and a Wiffle ball. 

It may be difficult to describe, but it is not difficult to learn. Pickleball doesn't require hours of training; it’s fun and fitness, all rolled into one! 

Once you're ready to start, here is what you need to begin playing pickleball.

Pick Your Paddle

There are a few things you need to understand before choosing a paddle: your skill level, the kind of material you prefer, and the shape and size that works for your play style. 

Paddles can be made from wood, composite, fiberglass, or graphite. Wood paddles tend to be heavier and cheaper than their alternatives, but they're louder and may not have as much control as other paddles. 

Paddles come in various sizes and thicknesses, so consider your budget and ability level before picking the one for you.

It's All About the Ball

The pickleball ball is made of a perforated, hard plastic shell. It's the same size as a wiffle ball, and it weighs just under an ounce. Compared to a tennis ball, the pickleball ball bounces lower and slower. 

This lightweight and low-bounce combination means that you have time to move into position before returning a serve in pickleball, unlike in tennis. 

This makes it easier for beginners to get on top of every shot they play—as well as making pickleball more accessible for players who don't have excellent endurance!

Shoes to Consider

When shopping for a good pair of pickleball shoes, make sure they have a few key qualities. First, you'll want the material to be breathable. 

Pickleball is an energetic sport, and you'll be moving around a lot on the court. Consider getting lightweight shoes that won't slow you down but still have excellent ankle support. 

Also, ensure that they're lightweight and offer good grip and cushioning across multiple surfaces.

Pickleball Eyewear

The last thing you need to begin playing pickleball need to consider what kind of eyewear to use while playing pickleball. That's right, pickleball eyewear. 

Eyewear is an essential piece of equipment that you may not have considered. You could seriously hurt yourself without the proper eye protection, which isn't fun for anyone involved. Pickleball is about having fun!

Give It a Try

The game of pickleball can be either singles or doubles, so don't try it alone; grab a friend and hit the court. 

Who knows—you both may have just found the perfect way to stay active this summer. 


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