Each sport has specifically designed shoes that help athletes perform to the best of their capabilities. No one should wear basketball shoes to play tennis, so why would you do the same if you skate? 

Learning the benefits of wearing skate-specific shoes for boarding makes it a no-brainer to purchase a pair. 

Heart & Sole

It’s not impossible to skate when you wear a pair of running shoes, but the thicker soles can hinder your skills. Skateboarding shoes have a better grip and are more resilient than your average pair of kicks. 

With their thinner soles, skate shoes enable optimum board sensation, and some shoes incorporate impact-resistant insole technology. 

You should notice the vast improvement in your boarding prowess within the first few minutes, assuring you that investing in a pair of skate-specific shoes was wise. 

Even the most skilled skaters have issues with thicker-soled shoes, so why would you try to rough it out with a pair of basketball high-tops?

Over the Tops 

The different styles and brands available can confuse the type of shoe best for your circumstances. There are varying tops of skate shoes, with each one providing a specific benefit.

If your safety is of the utmost concern, choosing a high-top shoe is the correct choice. High tops restrict mobility, although they protect your ankles. 

You’re not immune from spraining your ankle, but they will soften part of the blow if you take a tumble. One drawback of high-tops is the lack of airflow to your feet, causing your feet to smell. 

Conversely, low-tops compromise protection to allow you to move more freely. With their lighter weight, you can perform more tricks on your board. Mid-tops meet in the middle between the two, giving added support without restricting your movement. 

Once you have all the correct safety gear, then you can look into customizing your outfit. Alongside checking out your favorite skateboard and streetwear brands, visit an online fingerboard shop too as they offer some fantastic skateboard clothing as well. It's also another excuse to purchase more fingerboards!

Crash Pad for the Feet 

Blisters tend to develop when you are an avid skater, making the cushioning of your shoes a vital component. 

Shoes without any cushioning are a recipe for disaster, considering how your feet take a beating when you’re on the board.

You want to avoid shoes that don’t allow you to remove the manufacturer’s soles, especially since those aren’t the best options. 

Like the tops, your soles can vary depending on your wishes, with thicker cushioning impeding your abilities. 

Get a Grip

Skate shoes feature a flat sole and have a distinct style that differs from traditional sneakers. Most shoes feature a waffle sole, herringbone tread, or some combination.

These designs give additional grip, which is necessary for staying upright. Losing control of your board because of slippery feet might lead to serious injury. 

However, shoes with too much grip can be bothersome.


Realizing the benefits of wearing skate-specific shoes for boarding gives you enough reasons to add these shoes to your closet. 

Skating is more enjoyable when you feel like you’re in complete control, and quality shoes provide that.


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