Happy Gilmore was a dramatization of someone who had a temper on the golf course, having trouble controlling their frustration.

Yet, every avid golfer can relate to Mr. Gilmore after encountering these common reasons why golf can be so frustrating.

Following the Rules

Every sport has a set of rules that players must abide by in the spirit of fairness in competition. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t drive you mad. Golf is one sport where the regulations may cause you to flip your lid.

Penalty strokes, club lengths from a ball, not grounding the club in a bunker, etc., are all things that can confuse the average enough to turn them away from the game. 

And if you play with someone in your foursome that’s meticulous about playing by the rules, you could be in for a long afternoon.

Hazards Throughout the Course

The late, great comedian Robin Williams did a bit about how insane the concept of golf is, declaring that putting random things like water and sand throughout a course is madness. 

Williams’ points still hold because the hazards of the golf course perpetually have you hanging your head.

You could smoke one off the tee and land in a fairway bunker, sabotaging a chance for making par. Protecting the green with a random pond will surely affect your mindset as you approach the pin from 140 yards out.

Finding Your Swing

It shouldn’t be challenging to hit a ball that isn’t moving, yet consistently hitting a golf ball feels impossible. 

With so many things to account for in a golf swing, one hitch can throw you off-kilter, causing you to slice the ball at 150 yards into a tree line as opposed to 250 yards in the fairway.

The yips happen to many golfers, and you can only practice on a simulator so long before your overthinking makes things even worse. Hopefully, you can avoid the yips, and your swing remains consistent.

Multiple Types of Shots With Specific Clubs

In combination with finding your swing, you must also master several types of shots with an abundance of clubs. 

Every round has four aspects: how you drive, your approach, your short game, and your putting. If any of those aspects are off, you’ll see more snowmen than on a cold December day.

Bad Etiquette

Lastly, one of the reasons golf can make you pop your gourd is the etiquette everyone should follow when you’re on the course. 

It can be hard to control your temper if you’re behind a foursome that’s taking 30 minutes to play a hole.

Small things like someone walking in front of your line or saying something in your backswing are also factors.


Aside from the top reasons why golf can be so frustrating, it’s a wonderful game to play. You can enjoy the great outdoors, get a nice workout, and spend time with friends and family. 

Best of luck on minimizing those frustrations and maximizing your fun!


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