Training camp has been officially underway in the NFL, with the first preseason game kicking off a few days ago in the Hall of Fame game. More preseason games are to follow, along with the official regular season taking place in early September.

It is still early, as injuries, training camp battles, and signings can change conditions and scenarios for various teams across the league. Despite this, eager fans and analysts have been tracking sports betting news to make their own predictions of which teams will succeed. 

We here at FootBasket look to offer some early predictions of each division winner in the NFL. This is subject to change when our NFL preview gets posted in early September before Week 1 of the regular season takes place.

So without further ado, let's get into the early predictions as NFL training camp and preseason takes place. 

AFC Division Winners

AFC South

The battle for this division is likely to come down to the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans. With how stacked the AFC is, it's likely only one of these teams makes the playoffs, so winning the division will be absolutely crucial. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars could be a sneaky dark horse, but I believe they are still too young and not ready yet. However, their performance in spoiling the Colts' playoff hopes last year was impressive, and should give them ammo for this season. 

The Titans have been the dominant division winner the past several years, but I think the Colts finally reclaim the AFC South this year. They have made big changes, notably at quarterback switching from Carson Wentz to Matt Ryan.

I believe Ryan will give the team more stability and can help bring the Colts offense to another level. Having guys like Jonathan Taylor and Michael Pittman on the squad should certainly help. 

The defense is improved as well with new additions of Stephon Gilmore and Yannick Ngakoue. The addition of new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley should also make a difference for Indianapolis as well. 

Give me Indy to win.

Prediction: Indianapolis Colts

AFC East

The Buffalo Bills have comfortably taken control of the division recently since Tom Brady left the New England Patriots, but Bill Belichick came back with a vengeance last season in almost toppling Buffalo with rookie quarterback Mac Jones at the helm.

Most have the Bills dominating again this year and winning the division, but I would not say it would be completely easy. The Bills only finished one game better than the Patriots last year, although they did dominate them in their Wild Card playoff game.

Some experts have the Pats missing the playoffs while the Bills cruise to a 13-4 type of record. I disagree. I think people are too hung up on their epic playoff duel against the Kansas City Chiefs. I think the Bills could definitely finish 11-6 just like last year. 

I think the Patriots could make the playoffs again as well. They will definitely win at least one of the two games against Buffalo too. However, I will stick to precedent and give the Bills the nod as the division winner. 

The New York Jets could be a dark horse, but I believe they are too inexperienced for now. I think the Miami Dolphins have a pretty solid team, but I do not think they are good enough to overtake Buffalo for the division, despite adding Tyreek Hill to the offense. 

As far as being AFC favorites, I beg to differ for now. 

Prediction: Buffalo Bills

AFC North

The AFC West is going to be a crazy tough division this year. 

The Cleveland Browns have Deshaun Watson, but could still make noise despite him being suspended for the first six games. The Cincinnati Bengals won the division and the AFC last year, and look to reclaim the title this year. 

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Steelers put up a fight and look to utilize that energy for this season. The Baltimore Ravens looked like favorites in the division for a while last season until injuries decimated them, including star quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Many are slotting the Bengals or Browns to win it, from what I have seen. However, do not sleep on the Ravens. A lot of their injured players will return, and I believe Jackson is going to have a season where he proves all the doubters wrong.

I think Baltimore has what it takes to win the division. They looked like dark horse favorites in the AFC last year. As long as they stay healthy, watch out for Lamar and company. 

Prediction: Baltimore Ravens

AFC West

This is probably the craziest division in the NFL. All four teams in this division can make the playoffs, as well as being Super Bowl contenders. But who will win the division? 

I think it can end up being a close battle, and I've seen a lot of people picking against the Kansas City Chiefs, which I do not think is such a good idea. 

The popular pick I have seen are for the other teams, but mostly the Los Angeles Chargers. I do see it, because Justin Herbert is the real deal and they've added a lot to the team, such as Khalil Mack on defense. 

However, it's hard to bet against Patrick Mahomes. While he lost Tyreek Hill, I think he will still put up the gaudy offensive numbers that we are used to. 

I also think the Chiefs should be able to win at least one of the two games against the Chargers, as well as the Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos. 

I could see the division race being close, but give me the team with the most playoff and Super Bowl experience for now to win the division. 

Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs

NFC Division Winners

NFC South

Tom Brady is back after retiring for about 30 seconds, which pegs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers easily as the division favorites again. 

The New Orleans Saints could make some noise, with notable offensive stars coming back from injuries such as quarterback Jameis Winston and wide receiver Michael Thomas. Alvin Kamara is also clearly another superstar on offense, and the team also added Jarvis Landry. 

The Carolina Panthers did add Baker Mayfield, but I do not think it is enough at all to take them over the hump—certainly not to overtake the Bucs in the division. Neither are the Atlanta Falcons, who clearly seem to be in rebuilding mode.

The Saints would have to be a surprise team this year to win the NFC South, though I do think they can be a Wild Card playoff team at least. I think this division is easily Tampa Bay's to lose for now.

Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC East

Continually dubbed as the NFC "Least," it seems like this division is always up for grabs. However, this division definitely seems like the Dallas Cowboys' to lose. They won comfortably last year, going 12-5. The Philadelphia Eagles were also a Wild Card team that year.

I think the battle will be between those two teams for the division this year. I can't see the Washington Commanders doing much, even with the addition of Wentz at QB. I think their ceiling is 7-10 or 8-9 this season.

The New York Giants, I believe, should improve upon their 4-14 disaster last year with Saquon Barkley returning and new changes with the coaching staff. However, I think their ceiling is just as high as the Commanders'. 

Thus, I think the Cowboys should likely win. I could see Philly surprising us, but Dallas has a much stronger team to me on paper. I think they will go 12-5 again, or at least 10-7 or 11-6. The Eagles could squeak by with another Wild Card appearance.

Prediction: Dallas Cowboys

NFC North

The Green Bay Packers are likely to take care of business like they have been the past several years in this division. I do not see much changing, especially with reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers leading the squad again. 

I can see the Minnesota Vikings excelling, but not enough to overtake the division. The Chicago Bears will likely struggle. Meanwhile, the Detroit Lions should improve, but enough to become playoff contenders.

I think the Packers should be primed for clinching the division again, as well as locking up the NFC's No. 1 spot. Despite the loss of Davante Adams, I think Rodgers will make use of the supporting cast that he has. 

It's hard to pick against Green Bay in this division for this season. 

Prediction: Green Bay Packers

NFC West

Much like the AFC, the West division in the NFC is surely to be the craziest and most competitive this season. For the past few years, it has been like this. 

The Los Angeles Rams took care of business and won the Super Bowl this past season. I believe they will win the division again, though they will have familiar competition again in the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals. 

I believe the 49ers will be playoff contenders again, regardless of whether Jimmy Garroppolo or Trey Lance is the starting QB. However, I do not think they will be able to do enough to beat the Rams in the division. I think Arizona has a better shot.

However, for the Cardinals to win the division, they need to make sure their second-half performance in the regular season is consistent. In the past two seasons, we have seen Arizona excel in the first half only to fall off in the second half. 

It is almost inexcusable. Kyler Murray must deliver, as his performance has tailored downwards as well in the second. Kliff Kingsbury must make the changes this season to make sure this does not happen again. 

If they can do that, I think Arizona has a shot. I am dismissing Seattle because the loss of Russell Wilson will be huge for the Seahawks. Geno Smith or Drew Lock is likely to be the starting QBs. I am not expecting much from them this season. 

I think it will come down to Arizona or LA. I'll take the reigning Super Bowl champions as my pick for now. 

Prediction: Los Angeles Rams 


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