Geist, a serene lakeside community near Indianapolis, has recently found itself entangled in a legal battle as frustrated residents have filed a lawsuit against former Purdue Boilermakers basketball star and Dallas Mavericks center AJ Hammons. 

The lawsuit alleges that the ex-NBA athlete has been hosting extravagant parties, causing disturbances, and violating community guidelines. This legal action reflects the residents' determination to uphold the peaceful nature of their neighborhood and protect their quality of life.

Geist, renowned for its picturesque setting and tranquil ambiance, has long been cherished by its residents as a place of respite. 

However, in recent times, the tranquility has been disrupted by the actions of Hammons. The residents claim that Hammons had been regularly organizing large-scale gatherings at his property, drawing substantial crowds and causing a range of issues that have irked the local community.

The Lawsuit

In response to the persistent disturbances, a group of Geist residents has taken legal action, filing a lawsuit against the former basketball player. 

The lawsuit alleges that the defendant's boisterous parties have been disruptive, violating noise regulations and community guidelines, and causing an influx of vehicles that exceed the neighborhood's capacity. 

Additionally, the residents argue that the Hammons' actions have devalued their properties and compromised their peaceful enjoyment of their homes.

Community Concerns

The residents of Geist have voiced their concerns over the impact of these large gatherings on their community. They contend that the noise levels generated during the parties have reached intolerable levels, disrupting their sleep patterns and peace of mind. 

Moreover, the excessive number of vehicles congesting the neighborhood's streets poses a safety hazard, making it difficult for emergency vehicles to navigate and potentially impeding the residents' ability to access their homes.

Residents' Resolve

The lawsuit represents the residents' determination to protect the serenity and character of their community. By seeking legal intervention, they aim to put an end to the disruptive behavior that has plagued their neighborhood. 

Furthermore, the residents hope that the legal action will serve as a deterrent for other individuals who might consider hosting similar large gatherings in violation of community regulations.

Legal Precedence

While Geist residents are not the first to take legal action against individuals who disrupt their neighborhood, this case holds significance due to the involvement of a former Purdue basketball player. 

The attention garnered by this high-profile individual has drawn public scrutiny, amplifying the residents' concerns and prompting a broader discussion on the importance of upholding community guidelines and respecting the peace and privacy of others.


The Geist residents' lawsuit against Hammons highlights the community's determination to maintain the peaceful atmosphere of their neighborhood. By taking legal action, they aim to put an end to the disruptive parties that have infringed upon their quality of life. 

This case serves as a reminder of the need to balance personal freedom with community responsibility and respect for others, emphasizing the significance of adhering to regulations that preserve the tranquility and well-being of residential areas like Geist.

Per IndyStar, "The Fall Creek Road house was put into foreclosure last year, and Hammons filed for bankruptcy in November, according to court documents. The home was listed for sale on a local realtor's website before being withdrawn." 


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