2012 NFL Draft Rumors: Jake Long's Time with the Dolphins May Be Over with Jonathan Martin Pick

By Josh Dhani

Jake Long is expected to make over $11 million next year with the Miami Dolphins as he continues to block the blind side ever so well.

However, the four-time Pro Bowler could see himself out of South Beach now after the team drafted Stanford left tackle Jonathan Martin. Martin will most probably be blocking Ryan Tannehill's blind side now.

But why are the Dolphins getting rid of Long because of this?

Mike Berardino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel says it may be because the Dolphins new scheme now, in which Martin fits very well in. Long...not so much.

“We’re not going to be as much a power scheme as we’ve been in the past,” G.M. Jeff Ireland said when discussing the decision to take Martin. “So his athletic ability and . . .  quickness and ability to play in space transfers to this scheme probably a lot better than any other scheme.”

If the Dolphins do go through with this, Long's tenure with Miami only lasted four years.

Looks like they should have drafted Matt Ryan in 2007 instead, huh? 


  1. Yea, this insane and another media rumor to hurt dolphin fans by all the one a be jet lovers in south beach

  2. one started by the media since they really cant complain about the draft selections

  3. Don't blame me. Just reporting here from a rumor by the Sentinel

  4. Wow Josh...stop reporting crap news. You know what...dont...you should report since miami drafted Miller that Bush and Thomas are getting traded now too and why not Hartline and Bess. So sick and tired of junk people re-post and call news. Hey Josh here is an idea you can report on....How you lost your reporting skills

  5. Hey, Anonymous, maybe you should actually read the article.

    I'm just reporting on what a CERTIFIED NEWSPAPER JOURNALIST WROTE!

    Look here if you don't believe me: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/fl-mikeb-miami-dolphins-draft-day-2-0428-20120427,0,702976.column?track=rss

    Don't be hating on me. Read that and maybe you'll see for yourself.

    Actually read before you comment.

    Here is an idea you can comment on...how you lost your commenting skills.

    Thank you, sir.

  6. Must be trying to get a job at yahoo sports news with this crap...God people just want to seem relevant these days so they bs reports like this...

  7. You obviously didn't read my comment above.

  8. I read the article and it demonstrated ignorance with football. A left tackle is a left tackle and protects blind side of a right handed passer so the article is stupid and for you to report something that has no sense is just irresponsible.

    1. Say that to the sun sentinel. They said it first. Obviously, none of you guys can read clearly.

  9. Profootballtalk.com reported the same thing as well.

  10. we are big fans of your game. we think your a great person and player. we would love for you to join our family in the dawg pound. we look at our players as family and are proud of them fighting for us and we fight for them. we think with an offense of line of you,joe thomas,alex mack and maybe another og or two would go down in history of the best line in history. the offense of line is the most important part of a football team. it would be the funnest and greatest line to watch ever. we have great rb's in trent richardson,hardestey,jackson,e​ct. and two good qb's in weeden and mccoy and cribbs running wild everywhere as well,with a top ten defence in the league. please it would be more then an honor and fun to see you in brown and orange and going down in history of the greatest o-lines ever to play with multi-superbowl wins! playing infront of the dawg pound being a place like home and there is no where like this to be or play or be a fan or player ,its fun and so great and cool for not only the players but us fans browns town,browns nation,with the biggest backers in the world and where else do you see sellouts scince our team returned in 1999 to the present and proud of our family out there giving all they have and we all giving it all we have right back,we love our players,team,and our browns! we bleed brown and orange we would be more then honored,lucky,and happy to welcome you as a part of our family,one of us ,a dawg like us at home in our house and hopefully your house the dawg pound in browns town nation!!!!!!! please join our cleveland(ohio,and around the world) browns! you ,thomas,mack,hopefully stienbach comes back healthy and maybe we could trade for you and c/og mike pouncey! playing hardnose,smash them in the mouth,driving them in the dirt,mulling them and bulling them and blowing up high way size holes for richardson and cribbs to drive threw what ever ramp they want right off into the endzone and giving our qb's a coffee break before they hit wide open wr's in stride for six,also keeping the clock moving,dominatting the line of scrimmage,controlling the ball, the score,game and keeping a top ten defence rested on the sideline....we would be building a dynasty for years!!!!!!!!! please welcome and come home to your dawg pound top dawg and hopefully your new house at the pound ...man!!!!! we big fans and you would look awesome in brown and orange!!!!!!


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