2012 NFL Draft: Will The Shanahan's Use RG3 Correctly? By Glenn Erby NFL Writer While Reading articles on I c...
By Glenn Erby
NFL Writer

While Reading articles on I came across an article where Washington Redskin’s head coach Mike Shanahan predicted harmony between himself and Robert Griffin III.

First of all you traded a boat load of picks to acquire Griffin III. You should expect more than just harmony. How bout a great player coach relationship? How bout I expect several Super Bowl appearances. I’m just shocked the only thing Shanahan could come up with is that he thinks they will make great music together.

The fact that Shanahan has to guarantee that he will allow Griffin III to be himself gives me pause. He’s a quarterback not a rapper. Of course you are gonna let him be himself.

I don’t care about his charisma and how much you lack. Mike and Kyle Shanahan need to be Robert Griffin III's biggest fans. The father and son need to seriously figure out how they are gonna use the NFL’s next bionic weapon.

There is no doubt Shanahan knows how to get a quarterback to be productive. Question is which Mike Shanahan will we get. Will we get the Shanahan who after coming out of retirement has been unable to get Donovan McNabb, Rex Grossman, and John Beck to look remotely like efficient players. Will we get the coach who got John Elway his two Super Bowls in Denver. The Genius coach who got really good production out of stints with among others like Bubby Brister, Brian Griese, Gus Frerotte, Jake Plummer, and Jay Cutler.

In my opinion Shanahan should employ a run heavy west coast offense that allows RG3 to get comfortable early on with the nuances of the NFL game.

He should allow Griffin III to run Shanahan’s typical play action passing game with an emphasis specifically on roll outs and run pass options. He should allow the young man to press that edge and corner of a defense unlike any quarterback since Mike Vick entered the league.

Yes Robert Griffin III is a great passer and really comfortable in the pocket. Trust me tho he will drive defenses crazy when he allows himself to be the 5th option on passing plays and just pull the ball down and run.

If the Redskins truly want to be successful with RG3, Mike Shanahan and his genius son Kyle must step away from the genius monikers and figure out how to make their new weapon play efficient, allow him to be in a comfort zone, and stay in attack mode. It is imperative that the Shanahan’s not play this offense close to the vest. They must open things up and trust the young quarterback right away.

One thing is for certain if this experiment or new relationship with such a dynamic quarterback does not work out, the theory of the Shanahan genius must be ended.

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