Crying Northwestern Kid in Gonzaga Loss Creates Hilarious Twitter Reactions

Kids can tell when it’s going bad, can’t they? The days of Northwestern basketball being a joke are over. How can you tell? Just check out the memes.

Gone are the photos of an empty field house, or a fan reading a book during an NIT game. We now have a Wildcats fan so passionate, that this little kid may put the crying Jordan meme out of business.

With a little under eight minutes left in the game and Gonzaga set to run away from Northwestern, the young kid saw the writing on the wall—like, he literally had a meltdown as the Wildcats were having one on the court.

Twitter reacts to everything, and his poor crying soul was no different:

-- ThaCover2

1 comment:

  1. Buy that kid a pair of panties so he can get used to them being on his head.


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