The Magic made the King's 49 points go down the drain when Rashard Lewis took the game away with 14.7 seconds left. Picture provided by Cleveland.com

Oh what a game it was. I never watched because I just fell asleep, not what I typically would do but you know: it was one of those days. But anyways, I thought the Cavs won with LeBron James and Co.


There is no company for James. It was all 23, all day, all year! Not that day. Sure, he had 49 points, but Rashard Lewis had a shot that was worth a million times more points than James had: a shot to win the game.

The Cavaliers were faced with two opponents who were too easy for them, nailing them in the series. Now, they were stunned. They have finally met their challenge. The match-up that might ruin their chances of being an NBA Finals contestant since being swept by the Spurs a couple of years ago when they made it to the Finals.

Everyone thought it was all over. The Cavaliers were leading by 15 points, 63-48. Yeah, it definently looked like it was over. I mean, who wouldn't think it was over. We are talking about the hottest and best team in the NBA Playoffs and probably all this year! It was certainly a great game. Superman dished in 30 points while the King crapped in 49 points.

Rashard Lewis had 22 points, but three of the points made a game-winner. If you take it out, he would have had 19 points. That three-pointer changed the whole pace of the game. You could tell James and Mo Williams just look dumbfounded.

And it seemed like in the Cavs locker room, the song "Right Round" by Flo-Rida was playing but it was suddenly muted on someone's iPod. That's what it exactly felt like in Cleveland's locker room.

When Rashard Lewis dished the three with 14.7 seconds left, there was still hope with the Cavs. There wasn't. The attempt came of Delonte West, being the man of the game for sinking the three. No, it wasn't. He missed with five seconds remaining on the scoreboard.

"Nobody said it was going to be easy," West told ESPN. "This one hurts." Of course it does.

This marked Cleveland's very first lost of the post-season, making them go down to 8-1. Hedo Turkoglu, the man of the Celtics match, was a key player in the game. He put up 15 points and punched in 14 assists in the 107-106 win.

Then came Dwight Howard, who broke the shot clock! "It's a big victory," he told ESPN. "We kept fighting the whole game. We kept believing we could win."

Game Two is coming up next with the Magic and Cavs.. Who will be the man? Now here comes another Nuggets-Lakers match-up. Will Kobe Bryant pop bottles like last time in his 40-point performance? Will 'Melo try to build up some points and help the Nuggets towards a win? Will Billups be the leader? We'll find out on another edition of NBA Talk!

Magic-Cavs Recap (Courtesy of ESPN)


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