Bryant gets the credit with his 40 points as the Lakers beat the Nuggets, 105-103. Picture provided by Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images and ESPN.com

Kobe Bryant put his best on Carmelo Anthony, especially in the fourth quarter: pulling off a come-from-behind victory. That's how you get it done! Bryant literally was popping bottles, as the song says it, and scored 40 points. What really made a difference were the dramatic six free throws in the final 30 seconds! Wow!

Kobe Bryant usually scores between 25-40 points when you see him. But this time, he was playing with an injury. What a guy! "Once I sensed we didn't have the energy, I had to take it upon myself to lead by example," number 24 told ESPN. "It's just part of my responsibilities to this team." Of course it is.

Bryant's injury wasn't too serious, though: just his right ring-finger. He did dislocate a while back but then he popped it back in. Carmelo Anthony brought up his game, too, as he scored one point behind Bryant: 39. It was 'Melo vs. Kobe all day. Billups brought some help with his eight assists, leading his team with it. He also sliced in 18 points.

Pau Gasol, who was the man of Game Seven in the Rockets vs. Lakers matchup, was a factor in this game, adding 13 points and grabbing 14 boards. Gasol also had two free throws to make the last tie of the game at 99.

"There's no moral victories in playoff basketball," Denver coach George Karl said. "The next 48 hours are going to be difficult." He's right, it will.

So we ended our day. Lakers survived Houston and were done playing around. They really brought it on against the Nuggets. Hopefully, the Nuggets could strike back. If they get the Birdman doing what he does best, Chauncey Billups being the leader, 'Melo racking up some more points, Kenyon Martin being thuggish (Watch out Cuban!), and Nene pulling up some boards, we got a fight in for us.

Now let's see what happens today, as the King meets Superman. 23 vs. 12. Red vs. Blue. MVP vs. Defensive Player of the Year. It's going to be epic. We all just can't wait!

Lakers-Nuggets Recap (Provided by ESPN.com)


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