In the blink of an eye, we saw a future Hall of Famer raise to stardom, turning into the finest quarterback who was a stellar face of the NFL. In the blink of an eye, we saw NFL’s preeminent star fall and become the most degrading individual. Before, Michael Vick was the wealthiest quarterback in the league, signing the highest deal as a quarterback in league history, worth $130 million.

At one point, his citizenship grew on fans in Atlanta and around the league, appeasing people with his gifted speed, agility and leaping ability that allowed him to elevate over defenders for overwhelming consciousness. But all those inspiring memories were lost instantly, unraveled and wasted into delinquency, blowing not only talent, but a modest privilege.

Before damaging everything, he unquestionably served as the greatest rushing quarterback of all-time. But that was before. This is now a remorseful man asking for forgiveness from sensitive citizens still furious of his senseless conduct, crestfallen after betraying laudable followers when he was gradually emerging into premier fame. And he lied to Atlanta Falcons Arthur Blank of his disturbing dogfighting charges that orchestrated cynical measures and will follow Vick for the rest of his life span.

When indicted in July 2007 on repugnant dogfighting charges, he was suspended and lost Blank’s trust, the saintly owner who fed him with an enormous graceful deal. But greater than losing credibility and trustworthiness among ownership, he lost it among citizens who are nurtured dog owners, including populace who never owned one.

And because the brutal, idiotic torturing of dogs was utterly disturbing, many are less loyal and rationalize that Vick doesn’t deserve a second chance, even if he pays debts to society as there are a few still advocating his return to play in the NFL for a second and last chance to emancipate any dubious hardship and scrutiny that hasn’t yet lull a hideous predicament of infractions so dreadful.

A dog would growl, bark and wiggle its tail in such terror, knowing the history of Vick’s past, which shouldn’t earn a free pass back onto the football field. Everyone knows he committed animal cruelty worst than Cruella De Vill or Stewie beaten up a talking dog.

Misdeeds that realistically petrified society, gives us reason not to embrace or idolize, Vick, societies most violent dog torturer as slews of immaculate creatures were beaten, drowned and electrocuted with his ruthless nature and audacity for killing dogs.

Poor judgment threw Vick’s fortune out, quickly converting from famous millionaire into an average minimum wage constructor worker, gracefully given his freedom when he was released from federal prison in Leavenworth, Kansas early last Wednesday morning after spending a long and miserable 19 months behind bars since surrendering to authorities almost two years ago, and pleaded guilty to his sickening dogfighting scandal that shattered his creditability and career, though he mentioned that he’s a changed man and feels he has shown true remorse.

Why should commissioner Roger Goodell reinstate the indefinite suspended fallen star of another chance for clearing an infamous conduct?

Why should society anoint Vick, who vowed to children with a football camp funded by him in the off-season, but disavowed promises? Why should society accept the fact that he murder dogs brutally and painfully?

Why should society let Vick off freely? Never will anyone forget what was done to innocent dogs and never will anyone idolize him as the same individual before the immodest allegations surfaced.

Killing dogs is as close to murdering human, killing dogs justified that Vick is immoral and bared his livelihood outside of football, a hidden disturbance and distrustful enormity in which an apology is not reparable.

Understand a disturbed person is capable of replicating similar outraging scandals, and a disturbed person such as Vick is vulnerable for trouble and distractions that could summon PETA hecklers when training camp arrives, even hecklers could boldly surround playing and practice facilities.

That might be something teams will greatly take into consideration. Already, the Falcons have taken Vick’s troubling past into attention clearly moving forward with emerging citizen Matt Ryan, who was named the NFL’s Offensive Player of the Year, rejuvenated vitality in a town where morale and marvel was dismantled, still rebounding from Vick’s startling problems.

But sad faces turned into delight, when Ryan guided the Falcons to an 11-5 record and became the first rookie quarterback in franchise history to win 11 games in a season. So in clarity, Vick is not wanted back after Ryan’s blossoming season and Blank lost trust in the ex-Falcon.

Still, in retrospect, temptations remain intact at least for teams seeking a quarterback. Maybe a landing spot in Oakland with the daring owner Al Davis will be willing to give Vick a second chance. History tells us that Davis in previous years have taken gambles in signing talented athletes with misconduct backgrounds.

Maybe his next destination will restart across the bay in San Francisco, not long ago coach Mike Singletary spoke of him as a natural talent, publicly sharing interest in Vick. Or maybe, he’ll blend in well at Seattle, where he’ll reunite with former Falcons coach Jim Mora, who witnessed the best of Vick, and still is a supporter despite reputation.

But it’s hard judging his future, and personally I’ve done some judging. Folks, we have seen the last of Vick. But if I am wrong and a team has audacity on giving him a chance, embracing him will be outlandish and wouldn’t feel right because after committing a repulsive crime you would assume that a team wouldn’t even have interest, you would assume no team wants disturbing chaos, you would assume no team wants a dog killer.

Sadly, someone is willing to take a gamble, and helping restore an image that will never be same.

If Vick does join a team, he could cure town debacles and renew ambition. If he does join a team and wins a Super Bowl, Vick will cure things, too.

But he would never earn back creditability or have myriad of fans standing behind him as his image is battered. All because he wasn’t mature enough to love dogs without mistreating them.

I can forgive him as an individual, but can’t accept him as a NFL quarterback.


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