Written by Graham Brunell
Cavs let one slip, don't regain homecourt advantage.

There are often many players in the league that don't dawn a Celtics green jersey that I fancy. Oh sure, I love the superstars. I mean, who wouldn't want to wear a Dwyane Wade jersey (besides you Magic and Mavs fans)? And LeBron? With exception to the Wizards fans of the world, who wouldn't enjoy boasting a King James jersey? And yes, I don't mind seeing a person put on Tim Duncan and Chris Paul apparel.

But what the heck is it about Hedo Turkoglu!? Is it his name (no seriously)? Is it watching him devour a piece of pizza?

Hedo Turkoglu came from Istanbul Turkey (hence the nickname "Turk" or "Turkey"). He was part of the 2002 Sacramento Kings team, and yes, he was dressed for that series-changing game 6 between the Sacramento Kings and the NBA referees. Oops, I meant the Los Angeles Lakers. Sorry David Stern, I just had to bring it up.

Hedo came to the Orlando Magic squad after spending a year with the San Antonio Spurs. Unfortunately for Hedo, they didn't win that year. But the year before, AND after, they were champs. Talk about bad luck.

In his 2006-07 (with Orlando), Turkoglu averaged 13.3 points, 3.2 assists, and four rebounds. Those numbers were achieved in 73 games. In the 2007-08 season, last year, Turkoglu's numbers skyrocketed up to why I thought would earn him All-Star status: 19.5 points, five assists, and 5.7 rebounds. This year, his averages leveled out, coming to 16.8 points, 4.9 assists, and 5.3 rebounds.

Hedo is known as a clutch player. He hit a game-winning three-point shot against the Philadelphia 76ers in game 4 to tie the series at two (the Magic would eventually win the series 4-2).

But seriously... what the heck is it about Hedo Turkoglu? Let's take a look.

Inconsistency: Hedo can go 2-12 one night and 8-11 the other (no really, scroll down when you click on the link and check out the Orlando-Philly series). And that's just what I love about him. Well, when I'm not playing Turk at least. See now, if I worked in a Cleveland office, my co-workers would be bragging that they have this series in the bag if Hedo keeps shooting like he is (just 1-11 last night). I'd just shrug and say "I wouldn't be so sure my friends, this guy can have a 30-point night at any given time." Now, most Cleveland fans (I do have to admit that I just love the guys over at Cavalier Attitude and Waiting For Next Year), are thinking that they can talk like they're all that because of the Cavs success -- even though Cleveland hasn't won a championship in professional sports in 44 years -- and just keep on giggling like giddy little girls. But the best part is, when Hedo DOES have that 30-point night, I can stride into that Cleveland office like I'm all that, and chuckle RIGHT IN THEIR FACES. Oh, and I wouldn't be able to help but saying "I told you so!"

Versatility: It's always fun to watch guys like Hedo or LeBron go at it. Why? Because not only can they score in great bunches, but they can also pass, rebound, and play defense. Hedo gave the Magic seven assists and 10 rebounds last night, while LeBron came back with nine assists and seven rebounds of his own.

His variety of game styles allow him to dominate not just his position, but others as well. One minute, you'll see Hedo muscling around vigorous centers for a rebound, the next pulling up for a three over lengthy forwards. And it doesn't stop there -- some nights, I see him maneuvering his way around speedy point guards trying to distribute the ball to open teammates. Now THAT'S playing a decent amount (or close to all in this case) positions.

Size: Hedo is a very rare player. I mean, a 6-10 forward hitting a game-winning THREE? THREE? Not something you see everyday. Once again, I'll use LeBron as an example. When I watch the Cavs and Magic battle, I always look who has the advantage -- and it comes down to this: Is Hedo having a good shooting night? If so, that means he's literally rising over a guy like LBJ to sink jumpers. Or is LeBron feeling strong enough to bull and fight his way to the basket? Whoever is doing what they do best... the best that night wins the matchup.

It's weird how the Magic can be so entertaining when you don't actually play them. Especially that coach. Stan Van Gundy is it? What a character!

Note: this article was a deliberate mix of humor and my actual take on Turkoglu. I'm wasn't really keeping a straight face during all of this (it's pathetic, but I think I'm hilarious). But still, I really do love to watch Hedo Turkoglu.


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