Written by Josh Dhani
"It's all good!" Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP

Remember in the first game, Rashard Lewis saved day? It was so underrated toward LeBron's game-winner. Why? Because it's LeBron! But hey, guess what the Magic did today? They beat LeBron and the Cavs, 99-89, to lead the series, 2-1.

So really, there probably is no point of having that LeBron shot made because of the looks of it, the Magic are the contenders for the Finals.

But guess what?

The Cavs could have won this one, easily! The fouls messed them up. For example: Dwight Howard, 24 points—14 on free throws. Rashard Lewis had 18 points in the ten-point victory.
Dwight Howard was a monster as he lead the Magic in points with 24. Reinhold Matay/AP

This was a real nasty game from start to finish. Thanks to ESPN, this is what they observed: 86 free throws attempted, 58 personal fouls called, two techinals, and a flagrant.

Pretty clean, huh? No! Probably the refs finally had an exercise, too. It must have been a long day for them.

In the first half, Mo Williams got elbowed in the eye by Magic's, Anthony Johnson. His left eye was split open! Uggh!! Talk about nasty, man. James said it was a cheap shot while Mo had to get four stitches.

James did score 41 points, but unfortunately, he was eleven-of-28 from shooting. What also hurt him, and the Cavs, was that he missed five important free throws in the last quarter of regulation. Also, James' supporting cast didn't really "support" him either. Mo, West, and Ilgauskas didn't support him at all as they were all combined for 13-of-37 from shooting.

Man! Talk about some "good" supporting. Nah, I'm just fooling around with you.

The Magic and Cavs will face off again on Tuesday night. Will the King strike back at the Superman because of his "Magic" not bowing down to him?

We'll find out.

But coming up next, on NBA Talk: On Monday night, Memorial Day, will both teams honor their veterans. Will no worrying about that, of course they will!

But let's get to the point!

Will 'Melo try to regain his TV Audience for The Carmelo Anthony Show? Or will Kobe Bryant pull up another 40 points to pop bottles, man, that's a lot of champagne then! Or, what about Birdman? Will he be the crazy basketball player he is?

Find out, on the next edition of...NBA Talk!

Cavs-Magic Recap (Courtesy of NBA.com)

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