Congrats Indiana on winning the Big Ten Championship! You guys certainly deserve it! Picture provided by IUHoosiers.CSTV.com

The Hoosiers won it! They actually won it! They finished off the Big Ten Tournament in the championship, killing Minnesota, 13-2. This was the first title since 1996 and the second in school history. Man, it is such a privilege to see the Hoosiers win a championship in any sports, as I have not seen one in such a while.

They also earn the bid to NCAA Tournament, which makes more excitement to the picture.

The Hoosiers won all four of the games in the tournament, out scoring each opponent with a combined score of 47-9. What makes it better is that they had at least 15 hits in each of the games.

Junior Pitcher, Matt Bashore, was awarded after his seven-inning shutout game against Minnesota in the second round to earn him the Tournament's Most Valuable Player award. Also joining him on the championship squad were these all-stars: Eric Arnett, Vince Gonzalez, Jake Dunning, Kipp Schutz, and Alex Dickerson.

Blake Monar and Matt Igel didn't play as much but were keys to victory.

Igel was more, though.

During the game yesterday, he had just allowed only four hits and two runs, also striking out one-of-five in five tough-played innings. Chris Squires earned his eighth save of the season, also pitching the final four innings of the game. He only surrendered two hits and two walks. He also struck out four players during the innings.

Chris Harvey was the star offensively, going three-of-four with four RBI. Dunning went three-for-three while Dickerson went three-of-five. Every member of the squad had at least one hit and scored a run.

The championship squad of the Indiana Hoosiers. IUHoosiers.CSTV.com

That is great.

Brian Lambert scored three times, which makes it greater.

It was just one heck of a game and, again, it is such a priviledge to see the Hoosiers win a championship. The last championship appearence was for the football team when Indiana received a trip to the Insight Bowl, but lost to Oklahoma State, 49-33.

Indiana will now play in the NCCA regional for the first time since 1996. Stay tuned for Monday on ESPN as the NCCA Selection show will be on at 12:30. Where will Indiana go? We'll find out!


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