J.A. Happ did pretty good in this game. But guess what is better than how good J.A. Happ did? The Phillies won. They actually got back at them BoSox. After two painful losses in a row, the Phils have struck back to win by five runs, as the score was 11-6.

The game started out when the Phillies took a 1-0 lead in the first inning when Chase Utley scored off a Jayson Werth single hit. It was all Boston after that as they took a 4-1 commanding lead after the second inning.

After that second inning, it was all Philadelphia.

Check out what happened here, all in the fifth inning (Gracias ESPN):
5thJ Rollins grounded out to second, P Feliz scored, C Coste to third.

5thS Victorino singled to right, C Coste scored.

5thR Howard doubled to deep right, S Victorino and C Utley scored.

Pretty stellar, huh? I guess so.

It was now 5-4, all Phils. But it wasn't over. The BoSox weren't going to give up now. They came right back at the Phils when Josh Beckett homered to the left. It was now tied, 5-5, after the sixth inning.

Jimmy Rollins wasn't going to take that. So after a homer by Beckett, Rollins produced a dinger of his own that went towards the right to give the Phillies their third lead of the game. It was 6-5 now after the home run by J-Roll.

Then came the Flyin' Hawaiian (Shane Victorino), who scored to give the Phils a two-run lead. It was now 7-5. Then came Pedro Feliz's double to give Ryan Howard and Jayson Werth a great chance to score, and guess what? They did. It was now a four-run lead. Then came J-Roll who got hit by a pitch to give a scoring run by Feliz.

Man, things just couldn't get better.

But it did. Shane Victorino got a walk and then came Chris Coste to score a run. It looked over from the looks of it. It was just all over. It was 11-5 and the Phils just gave the BoSox a run just for the hell of it. But it didn't matter, the Phils still won, 11-6.

Hats of to J-Roll. Without his homer, the Phillies would have lost. Now they look to face the Blue Jays at home and look to win. It'll be an epic match-up so I hope all of you get stay tuned to see it because it will be very exciting!

And with J-Roll, anything's possible (it's actually true).

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