For all concepts of Kobe Bryant, obtaining a title assuredly should silence critics and skeptics suspicion of an incurable chance to validate a legacy. To all disbelievers, it’s suitable to mention that Bryant is a champ even without Shaquille O’Neal sharing a piece of the hardware.

The entire world witnessed a jubilant Bryant wearing the most glorious facial expression that altered a delightful celebration and never saw him wearing a hideous scowl that frightened our souls in Game One, distinguishing the world’s most menacing face among athletes.

On an embracing night, the Lakers celebrated with grace, forgetting the embarrassing 39 points loss in Boston a year ago, the second-worst defeat in a game-clincher of NBA history.

Experiencing a collapse to end a dishearten season, does make a difference in the following season when the Lakers conveyed bitterness, incoherence and craving of a title to redeem humiliating criticism and replicate a long journey to reach a rejoicing pinnacle.

This is to all the doubters believing its surreal, well rethink because its reality. And to all the animosity that exist, including the prejudice nonbelievers after detaching from a Lakers dynasty, which many consider was sabotaged by Bryant’s self-centered psyche prompted a grotesque divorce.

The owner Jerry Buss was irritable of Shaq’s contract demands, so traded him to Miami. Following O’Neal’s departure, Phil Jackson fled and wrote a book criticizing Bryant. Then, the fingers pointed directly at Kobe, as he was labeled the scapegoat for crippling a dynasty and was held accountable of leading the Lakers back into championship form.

If there were letdowns, he was bashed by critics who said he couldn’t win a title without Shaq.

Now will be a good time to shut up, as Kobe feels as if he’s on top of the world, finally able to release burdens. Putting the nonsense of a tarnished legacy behind him, removing agonizing infamy of destroying a dynasty and dismissing the way some assess him as an individual.

More than anything, the championship confirms that his legacy is immaculate, and might be nearing the threshold of a new dynasty.

But before jumping into next season, the Lakers were seen celebrating a 99-86 win to clinch a 15th championship, the fourth time this decade, at Amway Arena Sunday night. It broke the hearts of much-convinced Orlando Magic fans, and it shattered the heavy heart of Dwight Howard, who sat on the bench anguish.

But the Lakers celebrated as if they were in front of their home crowd, with many Lakers fans in the stands who stayed around cheering as if memorable moments were played at Staples Center.

On a dolorous night, the Magic’s fans crowded the exits, as fans sporting purple and gold stayed to witness Bryant shed tears and jumped crazily countless times, pumping his fist indulgent of absolving negative humanity and scrutiny.

At last, he doesn’t have to worry about being scrutinized as much. But earning praise would be an embracing concept, verifying he’s a legitimate team leader, a lone champion without another big-name superstar with a legacy that lives in the Lakers historical books.

Somewhere his name will be imprinted among the Lakers talent, and for sure among the NBA talent.

Somewhere Bryant will be remembered leading them to a fourth title, as it was an accomplishment that had more than one meaning. From Chicago to Los Angeles, Phil Jackson officially becomes the league’s greatest coach to ever guide teams to the grand prize, surpassing Red Auerbach for the most titles in history.

Either way, that is, Bryant even led them to a 15th championship. That’s an accomplishment to be remembered as and embraced. Because many spent much time criticizing Bryant, many forgot how incredible he plays.

They can’t tell you the impossible buzzard-beaters or undeniable shots he has knocked in, but all they can tell you that he’s not a team leader, a selfish ball-hog who dismantles team chemistry. Not true, this is a man who has nearly lost his soul in the Colorado rape charges that was dismissed.

This is a black mamba, which people hold grudges against because of his arrogance. Which ever way masses view him, he has matured over the years into a leader, a phenomenal scorer, an unstoppable force, but most of all an unselfish facilitator, which will cultivate his legacy.

Of course, the Lakers all consist of contributors, enough to stand beside Kobe whenever needed to back out of tough problematic shooting deficits. They knew contribution was vital if avoiding a Game Six was the intent, knowing Bryant’s weariness of late that caught up with him in this series.

But throughout, the series his players accelerated on huge plays in crucial minutes. Whether in the Finals, the Lakers have been reliable as a unit, meaning the MVP trophy could have been fairly split among four.

Sharing the wealth with the biggest hero, Derek Fisher, who knocked down solid bombers twice in Game Four, and allowed his superb three-point shooting to decide their fate to outlast Superman. Near the end of regulations, Fisher sent it to overtime with his big-game shots, perhaps the two-biggest of his career.

Yes, more memorable than the 0.4 shot against the San Antonio Spurs in 2004, the greatest last-second shot in NBA history.

Even crediting Trevor Ariza for his aggressiveness, understanding what was a stake. He was physical, defensively and offensively, well-aware of the ball to force steals. With his quick hands and his ability to intimidate opponents with a defensive-minded perspective, it allowed him to create in transition.

Over the course of the season and up into, Ariza emerged into a deeper shooter from the outside, readiness that in fairness would earn him a share of the MVP award if it was spilt among four players.

In the second quarter, the Lakers identified to us they would be crowned champs. They had a desirous mindset in which they wanted it more, athirst for a title, particularly Bryant, longing an exhilarating moment to celebrate.

In addition to their passion, experience granted them a moment to seize triumph. See, a year ago, they weren’t nearly as good as now. Most of their failures, in the past, came from their softness in the middle when Pau Gasol was bullied and embarrassed by Kevin Garnett.

Soft and intimidation was how to describe Gasol, which made Garnett’s matchup fun, allowing him to create pesky dominance inside and bury unstoppable shots in the middle. That was a learning experience for the Spaniard, now arguably the Lakers fiercest and toughness other than Kobe.

The Lakers can score at will, outscoring the Magic, who can scorch from beyond three-point territory. It just was a moment when the long-range shooting falter, giving the Lakers advantages to ascend. Eventually, they rode a 30-18 sprout to crush the Magic in the second quarter.

At one point, a face-to-face verbal altercation resulted in front of the Magic’s bench between Ariza and Hedo Turkoglu. Since exchanging words, an invigorated Ariza impelled the Lakers and outscored the Magic with a painful 16-0 run.

In that span of sublime shooting, there were three-point shots dropped in by Fisher. Then, it was Bryant’s turn to dazzle with a steal, disturbing an unselfish pass to Ariza for a three-pointer.

Once again, the Magic couldn’t seem to downsize turnovers or Howard couldn’t limit foul troubles. From the start of the series when Kobe exhibited his shooting display, it was a message that the Lakers were too experience and overmatch to be reckon with. Sure enough, it was written when they clinched the biggest game of Kobe’s career.

In his lifetime, he has glorious memories, championships, but none as memorable as this one. Like normal, he scored 30 points, 5 assists, 6 rebounds, qualifications that possesses his first MVP award in the Finals. And now, he becomes an unburden athlete, meaning he could play the game without hearing criticism.

What else can Kobe ask for?

It’s start of a new legacy, wearing a soaked T-shirt, popping champagne and hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy.

And Kobe didn’t need assistance from a superstar.


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