For a decade, Brett Favre has insisted in retiring, un-retiring, retiring, un-retiring, and now retiring. Many should be optimistic of Favre staying away, right?

Well, you never know what to expect from Favre, whose wishy-washy mind in the past years have made us weary, annoyed, and encouraging him to end a relentless career. Even though he insists that he will stay retired, don’t count on it.

Tomorrow is a different day, which means there could be a different result, but hopefully not. In the next 24 hours, Favre might have an itch to make another comeback to erupt a long-lasting saga that has become obsolete. Perhaps our nation has moved forward, putting the Favre story to rest.

A year ago, Favre was the worldwide leader in annoyance, hijacking every segment on Sportscenter, which suddenly converted into FavreCenter.

It was a summer of hell for most Green Bay Packers fans, as a long-lasting saga revolved strictly around the legendary Favre. Maybe it can happen tomorrow, next week or next month, whenever the sudden rash returns, giving him an itch to play.

That is how it sounded a year ago when Favre had the itch, desiring to come back and appeased the Cheeseheads for another season. The future Hall of Famer, honestly felt the Packers would accept back his astonishing legacy that will never be forgotten at Lambeau Field.

Upon fame and a legendary tenured, Favre’s cast a self-centered essence that winning revolved around him in Green Bay.

All of the commotion came after he announced his retirement at an emotional press conference a few months in advance, changing his mind on a possible return.

In some way, he misled the Packers, making it clear to them that he was officially removed from the game. With Favre giving notice, they were forced to move forward and seek other options to replace a legend as invaluable.

The Packers promised the future to Aaron Rodgers, who is currently the starting quarterback, with tremendous promise.

When the loyal fans started becoming attached and satisfied with Rodgers, Favre cried out a comeback. At first, fans were filled with joy and anxious to welcome him back.

As perplexing as it seemed, the Packers fans were bracing and seizing every moment. But a few weeks later, fans started to became weary of the entire disturbance that suddenly turned training camp into a media frenzy and pointless disarray.

Although some of the fans were advocating the return, general manager Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy was reluctant. They had already moved on, and made it clear that they were propelling in a new direction.

So, this year wasn’t nearly comparable to last year. In fact, Favre has being less of a distraction. Maybe less are paying attention, omitting the irritating hoopla. Or maybe it hasn’t involved the Packers, where Favre mounted an enduring legacy that can last eternally.

But he can’t persist controlling the regimen, eventually he has to leave the game behind in which we are praying that’s the path he suggests, rather than ruining his estate that almost relapsed a year ago.

Settling for a trade to the New York Jets, after the Packers refused to permit a release he requested, Favre almost rejuvenated a town from misery and coach Eric Mangini’s status. Unfortunately, the Jets finished the season with an 8-3 record, missing the playoffs after collapses late in the season.

Along with Favre’s league-leading 22 interceptions, they suffered four losses in five games that diminished the Man-Genius era, cutting Mangini’s tenured short as a dismantled team found itself in the midst of disorientation.

Immediately following, Favre departed and once again deliberated, until he pronounced that he wasn’t returning to New York.

Needless to say, it was a team Favre never had intentions playing on. From the start, he desired playing for the Vikings, the Packers’ NFC North divisional rivals. Yet again, I’m not counting it out. But Favre was inclined to seize vengeance against his former team, after they rebuffed interest.

He deemed there was still much to prove to the Packers as a team, and even Rodgers who has taken the snaps ever since Favre was purged. Clearly they had enough of the deceptiveness and perplexing uncertainty, which was weary and discouraging.

The Packers were nice enough and too carefree, bending over backwards and supporting him on every decision carefully appointed.

Try to envision the hype it would expose when they meet twice a year. Imagine Favre hurling powerful downfield passes through a Packers defense, profoundly breaking hearts and agonizing souls.

To see Favre in purple, on the opposite side of Green Bay, will be funny and peculiar.

Most of all, the masses were familiarized with praising him as the memorable PACKER FOR LIFE, not the boy who strolled to the Vikings.

If he does still sign with them in the upcoming weeks, and only if the 39-year old changes his enigma mind, it will end up abashing the hearts of devoted Packers fans.

Over the years, fans have applauded the beloved quarterback, if not the most-beloved player of the league. Although Favre has driven folks' minds crazy with his back and forth, can’t-make-up-my-mind approach, mostly everyone still idolizes him.

And the league will absolutely miss Favre, a quarterback who played the game with passion, avoiding ego manipulation and other commodities that were never important to him.

Just the excitement alone inspired him to amaze us by lofting downfield passes and scrambling to buy time to set up a brilliant play. He was savvy and talented to earn as much spotlight and records, damn-near setting singular milestones as NFL’s preeminent quarterback.

That’s much to accomplish in a 17-year career, and now he can stay in a rural town in Mississippi to reside and mow grass. Away from the game, the farm lifestyle suits Favre, where he can jump onto his tractor to do laborious work.

Good luck. Favre says he can’t mentally and physically play the game. Um! I believe it when I see it. And many of you should feel the same way.

In this case, Favre will have to prove to us that he can last long enough without alleging he’s leaning towards a return.

We have seen enough of Favre, and it was electrifying to witness a quarterback as gratifying.

But informing the Minnesota Vikings that he’ll stay retired was the best selection. Now maybe this time he’ll keep his word, never announcing another potential return.

Meanwhile Favre was ready to play after he had undergone shoulder surgery in May. Not long ago, he threw with sturdy shoulder stamina for the Vikings, impressing coach Brad Childress to consider signing and naming Favre as their next quarterback.

It made logic sense, only because they have quarterback deficiencies that has hindered eminence. Inconsistency at the quarterback position is a problem, of which they were in an everlasting pursuit to obtain and name Favre the starter in the upcoming season.

But now that he has changed his mind about coming back, the Vikings are once again stuck in an ambiguous quarterback battle with Tarvaris Jackson, whose feeble performance led to a playoff loss in the first round, and Sage Rosenfels, who might be more consistent with quality throws if he is named the starter by the season-opener.

Aiming to comeback was Favre, disturbing us for two years, hijacking the NFL and turning it into a Favre Football League. But he finally called it quits, of which he can become a television analyst or a positive role model for children. Leaving the game, will preserve a legacy and will secure glorious consciousness of arguably portraying him as the greatest quarterback of all-time.

Meanwhile, Favre misled the Vikings, too. He was getting back into form to engineer a team with struggling potential, anxious of his possible arrival to fix quarterback relapses.

They believed. They were confident. And they wanted him.

A few players were sending text messages, begging Favre to reach a terminal with the Vikings to capitalize on a remarkable career.

His presence certainly would have guaranteed a playoff berth. But advancing to the Super Bowl was still a question as Favre approaches 40 years of age.

Concerns of a weaken shoulder has raised some eyebrows, wondering how much longer can it uphold, and how much longer can he continue hurling mind-blowing passes.

One good development, if Favre would have signed, much pressure wouldn’t have troubled a steadfast performance level. There were reliable instrumental pieces surrounding him, so there would have been less pressure.

He was aided by an explosive rush attack in Adrian Peterson and a boisterous defense that would have punched a ticket to the playoffs, converting into a NFC Super Bowl favorite.

The Vikings wide receiver Bernard Berrian was waiting to receive robust passes from Favre and probably creates a quarterback and receiver combination that features a mortal threat.

So who’s missing out, Favre or the Vikings? Either one will tell us they’re missing out on a valuable benefit, but it is apparent that he must retire for his own sake. And not just to keep legacy intact, but to avoid a life-threatening injury.

And there isn’t much left to accomplish, after closing out an extraordinary career that drew our attention, exhilarating us to admire the beloved superstar.

Favre promised the Vikings to some extent, confirming that he strongly considered playing for the Vikings next fall when he appeared on HBO’s Joe Buck Live, well still a return is possible.

Favre has several personalities, and can decide to return instantly if he gets an itch.

Still, Favre might linger on deciding if he wants to stay retired or un-retired. Just make up your damn mind and please don’t take us through a long-lasting saga again.

Just stay retired, so we can remember the good moments, not poor performances that diminish a legacy. Farewell to Favre: we will miss you.


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