At Dodgertown, a naïve crowd is obsessed with Dodger Dogs, concession-stand dreadlocks, the expensive taste of beer and Manny Ramirez. On an amiable playground that assessed a new name, Mannywood, courtesy of the obnoxious and inattentive crowd, endures Ramirez’s cartoonish frolics and generates absurd adulation.

Since returning from a 50-game suspension for violating baseball’s drug policy, Ramirez has been praised as an innocent celebrity. The Dodgers decided to reopen the Mannywood section, to produce in marketing after fans continuously bothered the organization with nagging e-mails and phone calls to re-establish the overly ecstatic section.

Giving glorious receptions and respect to Ramirez, who lied, cheated, laughed at us and took a fertility drug to produce artificial testosterones, revealed his deceitful demeanor. Like the indomitable crowd cares, still wearing No. 99 jerseys, dreadlocks and hoisting signs proudly in support of Ramirez.

And myriad of residence in Mannywood downplays the shameful crime, refusing to realize he is considered the biggest juicer in the game and the revelations were described as the most-apparent scandal in baseball.

Most important, the Dodgers can win without Ramirez. As the fans omit players such as outfielders Juan Pierre, Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, Orlando Hudson and pitchers Clayton Kershaw and Chad Billingsley, the crowd praises as if it's a one-man team.

When Ramirez was in the slammer, the Dodgers managed to stay atop the National League standings, so clearly they don’t need a fraud.

Pathetically, the fans are just as big of dopes as Manny.

It’s a damn shame.


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