Written by Mitchell Timp

There is a lot of rumors heating up of former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison to join the Minnesota Vikings, now that Brett Favre will.

Marvin will do several things if he comes.

He'll help out Bobby Wade and do so many other things that I will now explain in this article. Let's go ahead and break down of how this veteran fits in with the Vikings offense.

Marvin is very used to having a great quarterback like Peyton Manning to throw a football to him. So when he is about to grab a pass, he is probably not used to having to catch the pass from a guy like Brett Favre.

Marvin also is not use to having a great running back like Adrian Peterson, so there will not be as much passing plays as Marvin would like which could give him somewhat of a break as well.

He would be relieved to come to the NFC North because there is not as much competition such as in the AFC South with battles such as the Colts and the Tennessee Titans or the Colts against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

If Harrison comes to Minnesota, he will probably be the second-string receiver behind Bernard Berrian, which makes Harrison not the starter for the first time in his career.

Harrison is a future Hall-of-Famer for sure. Last year, he had 60 receptions for 636 yards and five touchdowns.

Pretty good for a 36 year old, huh? But it was a step down for Harrison as well, due to the fact in 2006 he had much more better stats than that.

If he does come Minnesota, he will be one one of the best as Favre joins the team as well, like I explained at the starting of this article.

Vikings fans will certainly be happy with this decision, like myself. If Harrison comes, the Vikings will certainly be a better team, despite having a 37-year-old veteran receiver.

Watch out Minnesota, because number 88 may actually come.


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