There is some big news going on inside the NBA blogosphere.

According to this source at ESPN.com Insider, the Cleveland Cavaliers may trade their center Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

Ilgauskas was scheduled to be a free agent next year until the Cavaliers spoke out that they make consider in trading their tall center. Cleveland.com also examined that the Cavs may trade the Big Z.

Cleveland.com said this in their article about Z:
"You have just hit on what I think will be the biggest off-court story between now and February. Ilgauskas' contract is a massive trade chip because of how many teams will be looking to dump salary for next summer. The Cavs will not have a great deal of cap room, so using that expiring contract could be the last swing at making a major addition for a while. For that reason, Danny Ferry would be compelled to consider it despite his personal relationship with Ilgauskas."

Another reason the Cavs may trade Ilgauskas is because of cap room. Ilgauskas currently has a salary of over $11M. Another reason would possibly be with the additon of Shaquille O'Neal this off-season.

The Cavs may not have enough money to support the two big men, also with LeBron James in the mix as well. Reports were swarming that the New York Knicks, New Jersey Nets, and the Los Angeles Clippers may take a bid on him, according to a source.

Also, with the addition of Leon Powe, the Cavaliers will have to bring a fair amount of minutes to their big men.

The NBA off-season isn't over yet, and the Cavs are setting up a good example why.


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