Written by Shawn Dhani

I found this very surprising article about Antonio Cromartie being fined $2,500 for a bad tweet, via Bill Williamson.

But how bad was that tweet Cromartie wrote on his Twitter account?

Not that bad actually.

Cromartie wrote that the training camp food tasted horrible.

Then here comes T.O. into this stupid saga.

"I think it's ridiculous," Owens told SignOnSanDiego.com. "For someone to get fined $2,500 because they tweeted that the cafeteria food was bad ... then maybe they need to change (the food). That's his honest opinion."

Okay, first of all, why is Terrell Owens part of this.

He has nothing to do with this crap.

This really bothers me.

First, he already starts blabbing his mouth about Michael Vick being suspended for the first four-to-six games of the 2009-10 NFL season, and now he is blabbing about someone "tweeting his mind."

Then a source asked Owens about the Buffalo Bills' cafeteria food:

"Trust me. This is the best cafeteria food selection I've been around. It's great here, and I'm not just feeding you a line."

This is just real crazy.

But so am I, because I am a Chargers fan.

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