As a Mets fan its my duty to hate the Phillies in any way possible. Trust me given the recent history between these two teams the job has been easy.

However as the Phillies look to go on to their second straight World Series (wow that really hurt to type) I will be rooting for them come game time.

The reason I can put aside the hatred is because one of my favorite players of all time happens to be pitching for them, Pedro Martinez.

Even though Pedro's time as a met wasn’t exactly great, he tried his best. The Man genuinely cared about the team and about the fans. That is why I will always have a deep respect for Pedro Martinez.

Don’t get me wrong I do respect the Phillies, lets face it they play hard and never quit. They play the game the right way and I cant deny that they have a great team on the field and in the front office. (That hurt too)

Its just that my dislike for them totally outweighs those feelings, I wont lie I was very upset when they won last night.

Today I hope they can get the win for Pedro in what might be one of his last big moments in the game he loves so much.

Although I will say this, when it comes to baseball, the teams I root for have a knack for losing. After all I am a Mets fan. If this happened to be the one time in a few years that doesn’t happen it would be a bit ironic.


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