With the Trade deadline rapidly approaching and the recent trade of Braylon edwards there has been speculation that the Browns arent done dealing.

Last week Brady Quinn put his house up for sale, and everybody took it as a sign he will be the next to go. Quinn who lost his job as starting QB to Derek anderson week three has said that he just wanted to downsize and shorten his commute. The Browns have also denied that he will be traded.

After all with the inconsistent Play of Derek Anderson and Eric Mangini at the helm Quinn can reprise his role as starter in the near future.

Another player who has been mentioned in possible trades by the media is Josh Cribbs. Cribbs is involved in a contract dispute with the Browns and is not hiding his frustration.

"I'm gonna be stuck," Cribbs said. "I don't know what I'm going to do right now. It will tremendously disappoint me if nothing gets done. That's no secret. I'm going to be very disappointed."

When asked about the situation Browns head coach Eric Mangini replied "No interest in moving Josh Cribbs, Josh is going to be a Cleveland Brown. ... [The contract] is not something that we're focusing on. In terms of a timetable, it's an organizational thing we'll look at. Josh and I are trying to get ready for the game on Sunday."

Cribbs, a team captain has tried to stand by his teammates and admits it can be tough to maintain a good image while looking out for himself.

"Off the field it weighs on me, but on the field I'm Josh Cribbs," he said. "I have to show up for my team. I'm a captain and a leader, so I have to set an example by my play on the field.

"You have to just wait for yours, I guess. I'm trying to be patient and play football, because when all else fails, that's all I know how to do right now. I'm not a business guy, I'm not a contract guy. I'm going to continue to give my heart and soul to this team. What more can I do?"

Its been reported that as many as five teams have inquired about Cribbs.


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