Okay, seriously, what the hell is ESPN doing with this Body Issue thing? It just seems, well, immature. This is not a way to show off athletes. Why the hell would you show naked pictures of athletes covering their body parts with trophies or their hands alone?

It’s just messed up. I mean, I couldn’t even go through two pictures of the Skin Games album. I mean, seriously, are you kidding me? What if some random six-year-old, who is a sports fan (trust me, there are a lot of them out there), who goes on ESPN.com and looks at this stuff!

It’s outrageous I tell you, outrageous! It just isn’t right! What good comes out of random people all of the world looking at naked pictures of star athletes. It’s pretty much a porn section on ESPN for guys who are high on drugs being happy after each picture.

It just makes Serena Williams look bad and make her look like a porn star for god’s sake, which is just horrible.

Seriously, what’s the deal of that? I kind of feel regretted for subscribing to their magazine now. I never knew they would publish this stuff. Now when I receive it in the mail, my parents will think I am some 13-year-old kid trying to get his way.

This is no better than the naked pictures of Erin Andrews. Not cool, okay? Just not cool. I hope ESPN doesn’t do this again. To me, it makes athletes look bad and it feels to me that it tarnishes their image.

It seems like they are using athletes. Once again, ESPN does some lame scam just to get more viewers. First, they bash sports teams like the Grizzlies and Raiders. Many people hate the Grizzlies and Raiders and now they are more haters in the world because of the ESPN staff being haters as well.

Now, they are here, bashing the sports world with nudity.

Right now, I would rather see an article with nothing but cursing in it than that. So please, people out there, if you like this stuff, maybe it’s just me or it’s that people are paying attention to the athlete’s appearance, than the talent itself.


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