It was an unhealthy marriage that diminished the untouchable game of Tiger Woods, with havoc and tension diagnosing a precarious relationship in shambles. Every once in a while in a sport, a well-known athlete struggles finding rhythm and loses swagger when burdens of the personal life evoke countless interruptions, which publicly affects the well-being of a well-respected icon.

It took a car accident to literally bring out the truth of his malicious sex scandal and infidelity. Had he not slammed his Cadillac into a fire hydrant and a neighbor’s tree, all citizens would be unconscious of Woods’ extramarital affairs and the disturbing text message one of his mistresses sold to the U.S. Weekly for six figures. In the aftermath of his shocking affairs with damn near every bimbo in existence, at roughly the same time that he had fallen from grace, we wanted to believe Woods vowed to family values as much as we wanted to believe he was beyond any transgressions.

What a shame we, as Americans, are seeking an explanation now that Tiger and Elin are divorced. As he tries to remove himself from all the dreaded corruption, everyone is raving about his brand for the future curious to know if he can ever win multiple majors. However, of course, he returns to the golf course as a single man relieved of all the drama and is able to return to normalcy and suddenly end the humiliation that once upon a time seemed inevitable.

For a long time, his self-imposed absence lessened the fun in golf and turned a captivating sport back into a pedestrian event. The cynics doubted the helpless golfer, once described as the world’s greatest golfer on the planet to ever enthrall the casual fan with his ripple effect and extraordinary accomplishments. Such as the old times, he has somewhat found his swagger and finally feels relieved, managing to play with mental toughness and poise. Therefore, the supporters and consumers of Tiger are exhilarated to watch the embattled golfer return to prominence at the Barclays.

His faultless legacy and image are almost tarnished, including a marriage in tatters before the divorce settlement was publicly finalized. For once, however, Woods is focused on sustaining more titles in major events, seeking to surpass the all-time great Jack Nicklaus’ record-setting 18 major titles and still believes he’ll shatter the record to become the winningest golfer of all-time.

Four days after the divorce was finalized in Florida, he told ESPNNewYork.com that he “absolutely” is certain he’ll surpass a historic milestone in one of his epic masterpieces, if he ever has another breathtaking moment in sport that the spectators admire for its craft and mastery.

“I look at it this way,” Woods said. “[Ben] Hogan won all nine of his [majors] at my age and older. I think for every kid out there, the goal is to get there. That is the benchmark in our sport, and that’s still my goal.”

There is talk everywhere about the sudden resurrection of Tiger, subsequently for releasing all the agony and headaches over the course of the year. Ever since he was involved in his minor car accident as the media publicly invaded his private lifestyle and detached, he has lived a double-life for the ugliest sex scandal in sports.

On the verge of reclaiming invincibility and being labeled as the world’s greatest golfer again, despite being marked as the world’s greatest disgrace for shamefully breaking vows and family values, all while verified as the world’s greatest role model by running an educational center for children, he’s eluding the pre-scandal and brilliantly is creating shots.

All of a sudden, his body language is an indicator that he’s the fierce competitor everyone is accustomed to. All of a sudden, his facial expression is an indicator of mental toughness, escaping the embarrassing sins and avoiding further misery in his personal life. So maybe he can bypass the trauma of a morbid relationship capable of returning to championship form, although the prime of his career seems to be in decline.

He hasn’t won a major tournament to finish winless for the worst drought of his career, as mental lapses badly delayed Woods an opportunity of curing agony and restoring humanity. If this is the end of Tiger, it has consummated in a horrid ending as the world's greatest golfer suffered adversity and encountered unfamiliarity in his drastic downfall, rarely advancing atop the leaderboard and went 0 for 4 in majors and winless in eight tries since an eight-month intermission to rehabilitate from reconstructed knee surgery.

That said, he has been unsuccessful and hasn’t duplicated a 91-hole epic showpiece, such as when Woods managed to outlast Rocco Mediate in the U.S. Open a couple of years ago. At 34, Tiger is granted with visitation rights to see his two children, a 3-year-old daughter and a 19-month old son. Among other things, Elin in likelihood will earn nine-figures in profit, a devastating blow for a man who deeply had been desiring to salvage his family, but clearly his ex-wife never pursued on compromising to repair an unglued marriage.

It was evident that Tiger, an iconic athlete all of us believed was the more spotless professional in the world, is arguably a sex-addict and can qualify for a profession in Hollywood by presumably becoming the next porn star. The fact is, Eldrick Woods enduring a recovery is very unlikely even if he trails the leaderboard at -4 under and blames his faltering on putting at Ridgewood Country Club. Even if a slew of drama is slowly fading out of the equation, he could still have trouble on the fairways.

Without Nordegren by his side, he surely can concentrate heavily on mending woes and reestablishing into usual form. Ever since a disgraceful plethora of affairs involving cocktail waitresses, pancake house waitresses, porn stars, and young women in VIP rooms, his demeanor and mindset on a strategic sport reached a point of frailty. In addition of his sickness and extramarital affairs, he had been treated for a mental illness twice in order to save the scrutinized golfer of self-destruction.

Then, months later, he staged a rehearsed news conference to disgust us of his elusive and unauthentic speech and tried to sound sincere but instead was disingenuous in the public announcement and disgracefully wasted 13 minutes of national coverage. Worse of all, he tried redeeming and expressing sorrow in a Nike commercial during the launching of a foolish gimmick, promoting a product with the voice of his father in the background.

And with the travails of Tiger, we understand his state of mind to some degree, but it still doesn’t justify he’ll ever win again. As of now, it seems minimal on a day he shot seven pars and two birdies, dropping to -8 under and losing sole possession of the lead. In the first round, he finished atop the leaderboard and performed his usual fist pump in felicity.

But on this day, the possibility of winning shifted instantly and now he’s in position to stumble again, toss his iron stick, and engage in obscenity by the third day. It wasn’t until Friday afternoon that Woods gazed at the greenery and tipped his cap without lifting his head, frustrated how it all finished badly. And yet, as it turned out, he relapsed on four bogeys on his last eight holes and crumbled in the second round and, as a result, carded a two-over par 73. There wasn’t anything delightful on finishing the round tied for 14th, currently four strokes behind Jason Day, the golfer sitting atop the leaderboard. But as we know already, golf is a sport based on momentum and rhythm.

“I didn’t putt well at all,” Woods said. “I didn’t have the speed at all on the greens. I was leaving it way short or blowing it by the hole.”

As for Day, he’s a 22-year old Australian and has battled with mononucleosis but is currently in contention in an erratic event. But moreover are the struggles of Phil Mickelson, who is unlucky and recklessly double bogeyed on his final hole, a dreadful downfall crippling his chances of gaining control.

Aside from that, Woods is focused but it doesn’t mean he’ll win it all. This would be a horrid ending if he wins never again, and it would be difficult to cement a blemished legacy and repair an image without a major title in the near future. In the meantime, he is still Eldrick. He is not Tiger.


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