With all due respect to a team with a relatively exalted turnaround, reaching the level of prominence at the Georgia Dome, a venue that endures an engaging consciousness for the realization of the Atlanta Falcons, it's very perceptible gathering an assumption in which Atlanta is truly an understatement in the league.

After this one, the Falcons are deprived of a prospering streak, perhaps the longest winning streak since 1998, capping its third straight winning season.

In such a prolific business, owner Arthur Blank acquired not only the franchise in 2002, but has flourished as the largest owner-funded foundation in the National Football League established to serve the youth, providing grants to nonprofit organizations across the state of Georgia. So there are the Falcons in the finest joyride, reaching a stride with an intimidating offensive scheme led by the weaponry of a discounted Matt Ryan.

For now, however, there is a proper reaction that the epitome of this team is perseverance, conviction and unity as a way to influence kids in the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation, brainwashed by the zealous psyche of the talented and poised NFC South competitors.

Endowed with much star power, from the explosive rushing attack of Michael Turner to the masterful passing ability of Ryan, the Falcons have been brilliant as football lords wrongly disregards a 9-2 record.

For those of you who are still doubtful of the miraculous progress, the annulment is overblown badly overshadowing the incredible juncture, having won nine of 10 games within a rigid schedule.

It amazes me when the Falcons are precisely the hottest team in the NFC, if not in all of football, how a stubborn-minded population depreciates the glamour and quality of the relentless Atlanta.

It's as if the Falcons are still erstwhile, and not destructive or potent for the postseason to cement as a vital burden against its opponent. And finally, once it all began in one of the most loudest venues, defensive end John Abraham, the Falcons' sack leader, had recovered from a groin injury he suffered two weeks ago.

Last week, he tried to endure the pain and play, but after workouts hours before kickoff the coaching staff listed him inactive and coach Mike Smith carefully took precautionary actions on seemingly the Falcons' best defensive star.

Now, all this gibberish regarding the Falcons isn't all so true, not if they are the powerful ones of the NFC, amazingly reminding us of the relevancy and titillation of America's popular sport. How good are the Falcons? In truth, this team is under the radar and misunderstood for all their immeasurable weapons, depth and size. How clutch are the Falcons?

With nine seconds left, Matt Bryant booted a 47-yard field goal to give the Falcons a 20-17 win over the sizzling Green Bay Packers in an amazing Sunday matinee. At the beginning of a thrilling showcase, the Falcons exposed a blistering, lethal rushing attack.

The inexplicable speed of Turner exhausted the weary bodies of Packers defenders, and he was allowed to demonstrate quickness and agility on his home turf, leading the Falcons in considerably a much-needed win.

At long last, it appeared that Atlanta seriously loomed a menace in the NFC, a conference no one ever imagined the Falcons being on the pathway to justify much description.

As to the immediate future, the Falcons balance and polish is a sign of ambition, built around the instant improvement of Smith's vigorous capacity as a defensive specialist, Ryan's mobility and precision, and lastly Turner's motion on the ground. On both sides of the ball, in the midst of the Falcon's emergence, what fun to watch a dynamic offense dictate the momentum in every game.

Make no mistake, they find ways to win by either brilliantly attacking on the ground or through the air. This is what best describes the Falcons, an offense-oriented team with the habit of maneuvering the pace of the game and outplaying a solid defensive unit.

But soon enough, inside their domain, where a noisy fan base unconditionally loves the Falcons, they'll be considered in conversation for mounting to superiority in the league as winning has evolved into commonplace. Admittedly, any other town, rooting on any other team, should be nervous, somewhat terrified of the Falcons third straight winning season.

My assumption is people will dwell on the impressive streak in the postseason, but as of now, the folks barely rave on such a brilliant season the Falcons are entertaining, busy praising other teams based on tradition and grandiosity. The disrespect looms at Atlanta, even if the rabid fans appreciate the growth of the overlooked Falcons. It's time for the world to realize this team is real.

The problem, of course, is that no one is kind in recognizing the rapid quickness of Turner. He couldn't possibly have been forgotten, where he has harvested his accomplished career as the primary running back of a predominant team. All because of his speedy cleats, he had 110 yards on the ground, leading the Falcons to another significant scene, becoming a common pattern in Atlanta.

Before the Falcons played the Packers on Sunday, which had won its last three games, Ryan was already verified as a star. What is knowingly is that a star was born, ever since his arrival a few seasons ago, during his impressive rookie season, a year the Falcons' faithful became accustomed to his ability to shine as a team leader and inside the locker room.

It's very alarming what the Falcons have done in their domain, as the Packers fell victim at an energized place where the carnival crowd turned nuts, witnessing the home team run the ball and throw it.

"We are fighting for home-field advantage," Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson said. "We are on a roll and feeling good in here. It's huge to play here. It's home. It's energy. We play with more confidence here. It's a family atmosphere. We feed off the crowd and they feed off of us. When I came here from Houston, they used to say, 'Hey baby, we're in the dome today.' And I was like, 'What does that mean?' I found out."

Yeah, it's home sweet dome.

There’s no place like a festive, electrifying environment. Afterwards, the Falcons celebrated and won seven consecutive games in the dome, just as Ryan improved to 19-1 at home, amazingly winning 15 straight games within its territory. It's worth pointing out that the Falcons prefer home cooking, rather than room service.

What mattered the most is that the Falcons featured a rare breed in Ryan, carefully flinging the ball to his favorite target receiver Roddy White.

As usual, he accounted for 24 of 28 passes that ultimately was a factor in demoralizing the Packers and dismantling defensive coordinator Dom Capers' philosophy by exploiting his efficient mobility and craftiness to connect with nine different receivers against one of the league's top defenses and produce two 14-play, 80-yard, seven-and-a-half-minute touchdown drives.

"He's smart. He read our coverages. He ran outside the pocket and made some third-down throws. I had a lot of respect for him coming in. I feel no differently now," Capers said.

It would be fair to applaud the special teams, most notably by Eric Weems when he returned a kickoff 40 yards and endured a yanking of the facemask, which led to a penalty on Matt Wilhelm. In the next sequence, Ryan started from the Packers 49 and simply completed four consecutive passes to advance the ball to the 29, to make way for the game-winning field goal.

For one afternoon the Packers, one of the top-notch teams, led by Aaron Rodgers, had trouble slowing down the Falcons unstoppable speed on defense. It's always nice to credit the winners.

In retrospect, the Falcons are real.


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