Could this offseason get any more retarded? As of right now, baseball is the only major sport that doesn’t have some form of a salary cap and it is clearly showing this offseason. The fact that a solid, nowhere near star player like Jayson Werth received a 7 years $126 million contract proves that something needs to be done in this sport.

I know a salary cap has nothing to do with the amount of years given, but Jesus Christ, something needs to change. According to multiple sources on Twitter today, Cliff Lee will no longer accept a contract for less than 7 years of length. What!? You’re thirty fucking two man. Like I don’t understand how a team can possibly think giving him this is a good idea. Apparently the Nationals and Yankees both do, while the Rangers are contimplating it. Good. Let the Nationals look even more like Helen Keller is running their team and suck even more in 3 years when they’re paying Werth and Lee $20-someting mill each and STILL sitting in last place. It’s funny, because now I want the Yankees to make this move and become handicapped in just a few years when they actually realize “Fuck! Lee was already in the last year or so of his prime when we signed him” and that the deal will turn out even worse than when they thought giving Jaret Wright, Carl Pavano, and Cory Lidle (man, he really disappeared) large contracts were good decisions.
I don’t know, all of this just bugs the shit out of me because I honestly think its ruining the sport. When mediocre players such as Barry Zito, Vernon Wells, Jayson Werth, Jason Bay, Adrian Beltre are asking for and somehow getting these monstrours offers it takes so much away form the players who actually deserve this like Crawford.

If you haven’t noticed I didn’t mention Adrian Gonzalez in this because I actually believe he is worth the mega deal the Red Sox gave him. As of now, it is by far the best move of the offseason and he is going to absolutely tear it up in Boston. If there is a player who deserves that kind of deal this offseason it is him. I know who I’m taking with my first pick in next seasons fantasy draft.
By Ben Jones


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