Since I do hate Duke basketball with a passion, it pains me to write this. But after flicking channels this afternoon I couldn't help it.

Duke is a very good basketball team, with or without super freshman Kyrie Irving.They probably will win the national championship again, but stranger things have happened. But why do we have to be treated to clunker games on television like the ones against Bradley and Saint Louis. I know Duke may be a ratings draw and we get to hear Dick Vitale preach the Blue Devil gospel, but we don't need to see that much of them. We know Bradley or Saint Louis had no real shot at winning those games. It's like watching the old Superstars of Wrestling on Saturday back in the day. You remember the matches like Iron Mike Sharpe vs. The Ultimate Warrior. You wanted to see Sharpe get over but also knew he had no real chance at winning. Same for watching the Bradley's of the world taking on Duke on national tv. The network's execs (the four letter network) could've picked a better matchup. I would've rather watched Missouri vs. Vandy.

But damn what I think, just keep feeding us Duke, like they give us the Yankees vs. Red Sox year after year.

Or in this case, King Kong Bundy vs. Ronnie Dee.


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