Chris Bosh: 27 points and ten rebounds.

Dwyane Wade: 26 points and ten rebounds.

LeBron James: 27 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists.

Those are the statistics you want to see from the Miami Heat's big three. This is what everyone was supposed to expect from the South Beach Superteam. Finally, the Miami Heat have been getting it together. And those statistics weren't over just some easy opponent. They were battling in the NBA Southeast conference, as the Heat won their fourth straight as they toppled over the Atlanta Hawks, 89-77.

It is about time we have been seeing the team play like this. James playing like that is no surprise. The biggest surprise is Wade and Bosh. Both have been in a slump this season, but now after this performance, maybe they can bring their game up like we expected.

We remember what is expected of this team: James averages 20-24 points per game with six-to-eight assists and five-to-eight rebounds. Wade averages 26-30 points per game and Bosh averages 16-20 points per game with eight-to-ten rebounds. We saw that today. Actually, better than that.

But things are finally clicking. But remember, even though the big three is working out now and the Heat improve to 13-8 along with their fourth straight win, everything isn't set yet. Once Mike Miller returns, things will be a lot more efficient.

However, other than the big three, their leading scorer was Mario Chalmers with nine points. And those big men in Erick Dampier, Jamaal Magloire, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and Joel Anthony? None.

Out of the big three, the rest of the team scored only 14 points. The big three accounted for 75 points, which is about 84-percent of the team's total amount of points! Listen, I like that big three produced this much, but it doesn't say much for your supporting cast then.

I mean, with this, the Heat could really struggle if even just one player goes into a slump, or maybe even gets hurt! So then, with this, the Heat may as well go into another losing-streak. Miami needs to let their other players get into the game more.

But then again, they are clicking now. The Heat are improving and I am sure Erik Spoelstra will fix this soon like he did with the big three.

They may not have scored a lot of points, I mean 89 points isn't a whole lot to be confident about in every game. But the Heat are solid defensively, and as the saying goes: defense wins championships. And the Heat played defense, limiting a high-powered offense to only 77 points.

Miami is improving. I like how they're playing now.

Now let's get ready for the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday!

By Josh Dhani


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