When I first looked at the news, I gasped: The Los Angeles Lakers are acquiring Terrence Williams! No way. But it appears that the New Jersey Net' young stud will be heading to Houston to play with the Rockets in a three-way deal that went down today. Williams was sent to Houston while the Lakers gave up Sasha Vujacic to New Jersey for Joe Smith. The Nets got some draft picks in return. For the Rockets to make room on the roster, they sent Jermaine Williams to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for a second-round draft-pick.

"Welcome welcome, to all my jersey fans an people it's been real I love y'all an thanks, to HOUSTON what uppppp 'go Rockets' lol," Williams tweeted Tuesday night.

The deal will not be official and final until December 15th.

I think the Rockets get the best end of the deal, obviously when you consider the fact he is the best player in the trade. The Rockets receive another Nets player as they acquired Courtney Lee a while back from the same team. Williams well help out a lot, backing up Kevin Martin at the shooting guard position. I see him doing some good work off the bench as the Rockets continue to dig out of the slump-hole they dug themselves into at the start of the season.

The Nets get a good shooter in Vujacic while the Lakers could use a veteran big man in Joe Smith.

Good deal.

By Josh Dhani


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