Sal Alosi the New York Jets strength and conditioning coach has been suspended for the remainder of the season including the playoffs according Associated Press, not only was he suspended he was also fined $25,000 and is not allowed to have any contact with the team.

The Jets acted swiftly in punishment and the NFL isn't going to add any additional punishment. While Alosi may have suffered a lack in judgment when he tripped Nolan Carroll who was running down field on punt coverage. Alosi most likely saved his job by immediately apologizing for his actions and taking full responsibility.

Also, what should be applauded is the reaction by Rex Ryan who said "that's a thing that has no business in this league, or anywhere else." Ryan is exactly right what Alosi did has no place anywhere and the Jets did well to swiftly punish him!

As the replay was shown on the front page of Yahoo what was more concerning was the fact that these players and coaches are so close to the sideline. Carroll was barely out of bounds when Alosi stuck his knee out to trip Carroll.

The NFL needs to create more distance between out of bounds and where coaches players and coaches can stand, so a situation like that doesn't happen again. Why risk injuries especially on special teams? It's already dangerous for players anyways, with what Alosi did it just added another danger.

Now Carroll could have just as easily ran right over Alosi who was so close to the sideline, not only could Carroll have been injured, but Alosi as well.

When teams are playing on offense or defense, not on special teams because their eyes are on the play not looking down field to see what happen on a punt/kick return.

By Steven Resnick


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