Recently the city of Vancouver has been buzzing with NBA talk. Something that is not your standard sports conversation in this city since the Grizzlies have left in 2001 and the Canucks have been one of the better franchises in the NHL.

However, some recent comments from the Aquilini group who owns the Canucks stating they are interested in bringing the NBA back to Vancouver. Along with David Stern mentioning there are a few teams in the NBA that could be on the move; in particular the New Orleans Hornets who are owned by the league and not a separate private entity.

Upon this debate and conversation it brought back some great memories being one of the most passionate and die hard Grizzlies fan in Vancouver. It also created me to assess what went wrong during those six years and what would need to change if the NBA did return. Furthermore and most importantly we need determine if Vancouver is a feasible NBA market and has the potential to be successful.

My two part series breaks down all of those topics. Check it out and make sure to get back to me.

Also check out this facebook group that has been created to bring the Hornets to Vancouver. It’s created a ton of momentum and steam in just under a week.


Part 1 of my video breakdown:

Part 2 of my video breakdown:
--Chad Margulius


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