The NBA has absolutely lost it this season with the clamp down on technical fouls. I ranted on this topic earlier in the year when Stern came out with his new rules in regards to technicals. There has been a couple examples of the extremes of this rules displayed throughout the season. But, the last few nights its been taken to a new level with two ejects that are beyond absurd.

First it was Hedo Turkoglu of the Magic who got tossed for laughing on the bench. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a video clip of it. It was absurd all he did was litereally chuckle… and boom before you know it tossed.

Then last night Marc Gasol getting tossed for pointing at the jumbotron to prove how bad the the foul call on him was, believing it was a clean block.

This has me absolutely outraged again leading towards a rant back to Stern and his NBA referees:

What’s next a player getting tossed for smirking?

-Chad Margulius


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