Right now one of the most exciting and intriguing elements of the NBA is the outstanding point guard play we get to witness on a daily basis. In my 15 years or so of watching hoops I have never seen so much depth at what is usually regarding as the most difficult position to excel at. Therefore, making it an extremely position to fill in an organization.

There is a great crop of youthful guards on the uprise along with a ton of solid veterans who are on the back end of their careers but still great floor generals. Talk to anyone who follows hoops intently and ask them who they believe is the best overall PG? Or who their top 5 is? You would probably get a different answer from every single person, because it really is that difficult to determine.

This has caused me to think about this quite often leading to an official IntheOT.com release of my current top 10 PG’s in the NBA. By current I mean which player would I select to start a game right now that would give me the best opportunity to win. Factoring in pure scoring, one on one play, shooting, ball handling skills, distributing the rock, DEFENSE, clutchness and teams success (factoring in surrounding talent).

To qualify in this discussion the player must be a pure point guard, not a 2 guard that can handle the rock that occasionally plays the point


- Nobody is better off the dribble and getting to the rack with his speed & quickness. His ability to improvise and make plays in mid air makes him the most diverse PG in the game. His #1 weakness the past few years has been the outside jumper, that has been improved making him the #1 scoring PG in the league at 24.9 PPG. Still not the best pure passer in the league but averaging over 8 APG puts him in the top 10. He is also one of the best defenders in the NBA. He’s lead his Bulls to the 5th best record in the NBA despite both of his big men being out for most of the year. He’s a legit MVP candidate.


- The only PG in the NBA averaging 20 and 10. He can do it all, create on his own by beating anyone going into the paint. For a guard he’s very physical and big allowing him the ability to post up on other guards. This type of play has led to him to earning a ton of extra points at the stripe. He also has tremendous ability to make passes on the run setting up his teammates. Every year with the Jazz prior to the trade to the Nets his team had winning seasons with playoff appearances.


- Two years ago he would have been #1 without a question, but injuries the past couple of years has slowed him down. Despite that he is one of the smoothest operators in the backcourt averaging 19 and 9 for his career. Dating back to years ago a monster 22 & 11, when he’s ontop of his game and motivated which I don’t see being the case in New Orleans he probably is the best overall PG. Because he takes care of the ball so well averaging a mere 2.3 turnovers per game while most guards average a shade under 3. Plus, he is always near the league lead in steals due to his great ability to read his opponent he’s defending. Another advantage he has over most point guards is the ability to shoot from the outside the past few years over 40% from 3 point land and near 50% from the floor.


- I know a lot Celtic fans are going to be mad at me thinking I’m crazy, believing Rondo should rank #1. After all he does rank 1st in the NBA in APG, SPG while shooting over 50% from the floor. Rondo is great but in order to be considered the best you need to be able to shoot and be trusted to knock down big shots and have some sort of mid range game. He could be the quickest and sneakiest at stealing the ball playing D and getting to the rack. But, I refuse to put him in the top 3 against those studs shooting 54% from the stripe and only averaging 10 PPG. The best PG has to be someone you can trust to put the ball in his hand at the end of games and take a game winning shot if necessary. That is the only part of Rondo’s game that holds him back from being #1. He also has the luxury of playing with the best supporting cast with hall of famers that the other PG’s do not.


- 2nd only to Derrick Rose in scoring at 22 PPG and 7th overall at 8 APG + his 5 RPG makes him the only point guard in the NBA to be at least 20-8-5. He could be quicker than Rondo & Rose. I have never seen anyone take off as fast as Westbrook which leads to him getting tons of points in the paint, and leading all guards at getting to the line 8 times a game. He’s very physical which makes him a load to guard. All of his penetrating into the lane helps open up the floor on the perimeter. This has helped turned him into a dynamic player dishing off. Add a mid range jumper and a very good one at that in a one on one situation he’s become an elite point guard. He is as valuable a #2 player in a tandem with Durant as anyone is in the league.


- The two time MVP at the age of 37 still remains an elite player, he’s not quite as good as the young bucs having lost a few steps. But when you still average 11 APG and shoot at his highly insane percentage(50% from the floor) and 16 PPG its keeps you in the discussion. It doesn’t matter who’s on the floor Nash makes his teammates always look good with his pass first mentality always looking for the open man. Those numbers are accumulated while playing very few minutes 33 compared to the younger kids as well. The only knock on Steve at this his age is the below average defense which can be a liability against younger quicker guards.


- Not quite the ball distributor as the others mentioned but his 7 dimes per game is still pretty good. Parker is extremely effective at creating his offense in pick and roll situations or using his quickness to blow by his opponents getting to the rack for easy buckets. Not the greatest outside shot, he’s very smart knowing which part of the court he can be most effective in and getting their often. This leads to him shooting 51% from the floor (highest amost starting point guards) while averaging 17 PPG. He could easily average more but the Spurs are so deep nobody gets enough shots to eclipse to 20 PPG mark. He is good enough to take over a game offensively when needed in the clutch.


- Big Shot Chauncey!!! His stats may never compare to the other top PG’s in the NBA. But you need to watch the man play in the clutch and realize he’s a true floor general. Always making wise decisions knowing when to kick it out, very effective at his age still getting to the rack; very good at knocking down runners as well. He is one of the best 3 point shooters in the NBA at 43% and #1 of all starting PG’s. Not only is his percentage high but the shots he takes in the clutch with guys in his face like last night against Miami is what he does routinely. All this guy does is win, it doesn’t matter what team he plays on the culture of the team always changes when arrives.


- The kid has got mad skillz and a ton of athleticism in his rookie year averaging 15 PPG & 9 APG is pretty impressive. He has the speed & quickness to get to the rim like Rose, Rondo & Westbrook with the ability to throw down and finish like Blake Griffin. He’s a pure natural scorer that has the ability to become a superstar/franchise player. Right now he is not surrounded with good talent leading to him force a few to many plays leading to 4 turnovers per game. I expect that to change as the years progress as well as adding a quality mid range jumper in the mix. In 2-3 years he could be #1 in the league at the very least #3 or 4 when he’s averaging 20 and 10 and his Wizards are in the playoffs.


- There are a ton of options here but no clear cut winner, depends on what you are looking for. So I will put together a short list of candidates.

Devin Harris

- Good scorer, can create offense on his own getting into the paint, good ball handler. Averages 15 PPG and 7 APG, can run an offense. Not an elite PG, and below average outside shooter.

Jason Kidd

- Even though he’s a dinosaur he can still run any offense and distribute the ball, still averaging 8.3 APG at 37 years old.

Andre Miller

- Can still score, had a 50 point game last year. Averaging 13 PPG and 7 APG, gritty veteran can shoot from the outside and also take the ball to the hoop creating his own offense.

Raymond Felton

- Tough to say if his tenure with the Knicks averaging 17 PPG & 9 APG was a byproduct of the system. Or is he the Felton of the Bobcats that averaged 13 & 7 competing with DJ Augistin for the starting position. I would say somewhere in between. He can start on most teams in the NBA but not the ideal PG if you are looking to win a title.

Jameer Nelson

- Big physical point guard, very good at creating his own offense beating defenders off the dribble. Not the greatest distributor. Often to inconsistent from the perimeter making him one dimensional. Has faced a ton of injuries in his career.

Baron Davis

- I know a lot of people probably don’t believe the fat ass deserves to even be in this discussion. But he’s still an above average PG averaging 13 & 7 despite being in awful shape. If he’s committed he can still ball and get back to his old G State days and be a 15 & 8 player.


Jrue Holiday, Darren Collison & Ty Lawson

- All similar players with tremendous speed and quickness. All have the ability to run their teams to long term success. Great ability to create offense off the dribble and get to the hoop. All could improve with the shooting the rock from the outside. Holiday is the most accomplished while enjoying a real break out season averaging 13 & 7, plus he’s only 20 years old. Lawson has been stuck on the bench behind Billups most of the year until he got traded.

Stephen Curry

- Starts at PG but is probably more of a natural 2 guard. Him and Ellis take turns carrying the rock and setting up the offense. Is more effective off the dribble getting open as he’s more of a natural shooter & scorer. Still avearing nearly 6 APG in his 2nd season. One he has a bit better understanding of how to spread the floor and get his teamamtes more involved has the chance to become an elite PG because of his amazing shooting.

That’s my list what do you guys think? Any thing you would change? Let me know why?

Either way it’s a great debate to have because the talent really is that good. You can’t really go wrong with either of the top nine and any of the great young prospects.

-Chad Margulius


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