No one could stop Ty Lawson. The only person who could was himself. Lawson started off the game between his Denver Nuggets and Minnesota Timberwolves with ten three-pointers! He was the first player in NBA history to start a game off making all ten three-pointers.

Lawson just kept getting fed and was hot all game long, going for 37 points, seven rebounds, and six assists as the Nuggets cruised towards a 130-106 victory.

Raymond Felton kept encouraging Lawson to keep hitting the buckets from behind-the-arc. And Lawson responded with swishes. Lawson would, however, miss his first three-point attempt after the tenth, missing out on a record he could have set out of the many he made that night.

"Keep shooting," Felton recounted telling Lawson. "A guy's hot like that, you've got to feed him the ball. That's why I just took over the point, told him to go down the court, you can run the 2, come off all these screens, just set up, we'll find you.

"I love it. Raining 3s like that, it's fun to watch."

Lawson was the 25th player in NBA history to have ten three's in a game. The last player to do it was his teammate, J.R. Smith. Lawson beat out his previous three-point record by seven!

Lawson would miss his first shot after a 28-foot heave at the end of the third quarter, missing out on a perfect three-point shooting night. However, the Nuggets were up by 32 during the time he missed that shot.

"I told him not to," Felton said. "Don't shoot not crazy shot over there. But he wasn't aware, though."

Lawson missed out on a huge record, as he probably would have held the record, beating Latrell Sprewell, who had nine-out-of-nine three-pointers in a game back in 2003. But even Lawson thought that 28-footer was going on. That's just how confident he was all game.

"Every time I threw it, it went in, except for that last one," Lawson said. "Even that last one I missed, I thought that one was going in."

Felton helped out in the game, having eleven points and 14 assists, much of the assists thanks to Lawson. Wayne Ellington, a former teammate of Lawson, loved how he played tonight.

"I've seen him take over a game before but I've never seen him do it like that from the three-point line," said Ellington. "It was just one of those things where a guy gets in a zone. It's hard to stop that."

In the third quarter, Lawson had 24 points. The Timberwolves? Only 18! He had more points than their whole team at points!

"Ty works on his shot a lot," said J.R. Smith. "After practice, he's always out there shooting 3-point shots because a lot of people go under him on the pick-and-rolls, and I tell him all the time, that's disrespectful, if somebody goes under you on a pick-and-roll, you're supposed to make them pay.

"He's been working on it and it really showed tonight."

An amazing game, truly, for Lawson. We'll see if he can pull off things similar like this as Denver faces Golden State on Monday night.


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