I knew the Miami Heat would have to get this done one way or another. They finally slayed the demon of the Boston Celtics in them, as the Heat cruised towards a 100-77 victory, holding the second seed in the Eastern Conference and taking the lead over it.

The game was very physical, with a bunch of pushing, shoving, and surely some explicit trash-talking. This definitely looks like a seven-game series in the Semi-Finals if these two meet, which it looks like they will. It's what everyone wants.

This was probably one of the most playoff-like games I have seen in the regular season. James slayed yet another demon. He had to deal with the Detroit Pistons for early part of his career. Lately for the past few years, he has been having trouble with Boston -- especially in the playoffs. Maybe this could be the year.

But then again, what a playoff-like game.

"It was a playoff-atmosphere type of game, from the fans to both teams' approach to what the game meant," Dwyane Wade, who had 14 points, said. "It had that feel."

LeBron had 27 points as Miami clinched the number-two seed.

But it isn't over yet. These two teams really want to see each other in the Semi-Finals, that's for sure.

"We'd like to play them, I can tell you that," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. "And we may have to if we want to go somewhere."

Chris Bosh added 13 points and eight rebounds as Miami got their first win versus Boston this year in the four-game series.

"We proved we can beat them tonight," Erik Spoelstra said. "That's about it, in my mind."

For Boston, Paul Pierce had 24 points and Kevin Garnett had 21. The Celtics were just manhandled, as they were out-rebounded and beat in points-in-the-paint by a huge margin (44-26, 42-26).

"What else do you expect? It's Boston-Miami," Garnett said. "Supposedly it's two of, if not the top two, teams in the East. You have to expect that. You have to expect that coming in here you're not going to get the call. You had to expect their passion -- a team you have beaten three times."

A great game for Miami, just a solid job overall. They will face the Atlanta Hawks next and then another versus Toronto. Two games left, and Miami looks to make the most of it.

"This is cool and all," Bosh said, "but we still have two more games."



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