First, it was Chris Paul who got the lap dance from female hip-hop star, Nicki Minaj. Next up? Out of all the people, it was Phoenix Suns' guard Steve Nash.

Here is the video of the latest victim of Minaj's lap dance:

Nash's facial expressions are a lot different from other victims of the lap dance. Deadspin had a good recap of what happened to Nash:
00:13 — Concern. Nash realizes this interlude is real and happening in front of many people.

00:33 — Resignation. Nash complies with Minaj's instructions to open his legs, put his hands behind his back and close his mouth.

00:35 — Submission. When Minaj tugs on Nash's hair, the basketball player's eyes roll back, but not in pleasure. In hominids, this expression can be a cringe depending on their position within the social hierarchy.

00:42 — Defiance. Don't let that Tom Cruise grin fool you — this is a threat display. Nash's super-ego has kicked in. He is a man! He is supposed to enjoy Minaj walking her fingers down his chest toward his crotch. Rawwrrr!

00:47 — Dominance. Nash will admire your butt implants, Nicki Minaj. He will leer at them because he can and because he is supposed to. He is a basketball king. And these are his people, this crowd, not yours. Who is anyone to question how he chooses to stay busy during the playoffs? RAWWWRRRAWRR!

00:54 — Doubt. Look at Nash shake his head here. This is a telling moment. Nash is a reasonable sort, not given to ostentation or superstar antics. He's marveling at the absurdity of the situation and concerned that it's not over. He can't control it. More than that, he's shaking his head at the silliness of his macho superstar reaction moments earlier.

01:17 — Terror. Minaj mounts her prey, her assistants pinioning Nash's arms. Here's a better look at it. Nash appears to be fixated on Minaj's gyrating crotch and whether there will be contact and what, if so, might potentially ensue. It's only when Minaj dismounts that we get a glimpse into Nash's inner mind, where we find a ravaged horrorscape.

01:23 — Regret. Minaj releases Nash, a grim smile frozen on his face, the stern words he will have for his manager already forming in his throat.


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