LeBron James is now arguably the best basketball player in the world, but also he’s the most hated of them all. His decision to join Miami wasn’t a pleasant one, and he’s hated everywhere he plays.

He took his talents to South Beach to win championships. The road won’t be easy. He’s a very dominant force on the court, however he will need to do few things and to start winning titles.

He’s a 26 year old, who’s going to need to rise and do what he must does. It took Michael Jordan time to win his titles, but he started at his age.

What are the things that LeBron James should do in order to lead the Miami Heat to championships? Here are the parts where he should focus on.

1.Be A Dominant Post Presence

The first step for LeBron James is to play in the post. We actually saw him going in there and he’s quite good. He’s got all of the needed things to succeed and be a dominant presence.

He’s one of the most physically imposing players to play the game and arguably the most athletic player of all time. James is capable to hit fade away and variety of other shots over the defense.

When he’s in there, he’s close to unstoppable. He needs to develop his post game and establish himself as a presence in there because he’s got the tools to be a force in there.

2.Develop A Lethal Mid Range Game

For years LeBron James’ biggest weakness on offense has been the lack of a good shot. Last season, it all changed. He’s now much better shooter who when gets hot, he’s again tough to stop.

He’s more consistent now too. He needs to upgrade it and develop it to the next level. The defense has no answer for him when he gets his jumpers, because he could dominate them in variety of ways.

Can he became an excellent overall shooter, other teams better watch out.

3.Maintain Focus When It Is Most Needed

Focus, focus and more focus. Believe it or not, when this guy is on a mission, he’s superb. That’s right. LeBron basically illustrated his so great talent to a whole new level when he destroyed teams like Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, Portland and so on.

The key for him is be focused when it matters most, which is in the post season and especially in the finals. In June, he lacked it and was hurt by that fact. This is a part in which he’ll improve.

4.Be Aggressive

Aggressiveness is what something LeBron James lacked during the 2011 Finals. That’s one of the reasons why he struggled. When he is aggressive, he gets in that mode it’s over.

The opponents can’t really slow him down. He enters the post more often, finds easy ways to finish, attracts lots of attention from the defense and can use that to find the open man.

It’s something James will need to do especially when it matters most. The post season and finals.

5.Find A Motive To Win

LeBron James is a very talented player who has a filled resume which only lacks one thing. That’s championships. It’s the only thing he’ll need to recover his public image and enter the debate of the greatest player of all time where he rightfully belongs.

He gets hated, booed, despised everywhere he plays. Like in the previous season, he’ll need to use it and beat his opponents in a way no one else can. He’s got all of the needed things, he needs to succeed and the time is now. Get it done LeBron!


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